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Black and white photo retouching

Nude Retouching Service is a group of skillful photo retouchers, who provides retouching service to nude photographers from different countries. You will have a chance to gain your priceless time, working with us. We offer you a chance to rely on us and send us your boudoir photos.

Our Nude Retouching Service is guided by FixThePhoto and we have been working with photographers all over the world since 2003. We know all the aspects of perfect photo retouching. The customer always strives for a satisfactory result, skillfully edited photos and affordable photo retouching prices. We want to gladden you. Everything listed in the above-listed characterizes what our nude photo retouching service provides.

Nude photography is very creative and artistic. The photographers prefer to shoot in black and white. It is perhaps because it can show great contrast and beauty of the body. You know, that the black and white photography also needs a lot of work of a skillful editor. It seems just from the first sight, that the black and white photography can be easily taken and retouched. But in practice, it takes a huge  amount of time and needs the knowledge of photo editing tools.     

We provide such services as culling, body retouching, contrast adjustment and color editing. Our skillful editors will turn your photos into art masterpieces. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to be ahead of the game with your astonishing shots. We find an approach to every client and satisfy his or her requirements. Your photos will always turn out great.


Photography black and white

As you know, a century ago the photographers intended to get color photography. Only in 1936, this purpose was implemented into life. It seemed that people left the black and white photo in the past. However, today black and white photography is very popular, and many photographers find it to be the clearest art form.  

There are many reasons why photographers prefer black and white photography. To create an unforgettable image is the first reason. The author can emphasize emotion and subject lines better than in the color photo. The photo retouch before and after can show you this great difference. 

The other reason is that all textures have a remarkable look in black and white photos. In this case, the photographer should remember that the quality of texture depends on the lighting. The third reason is that the tonal contrast becomes sharper. The most important reason is the stress on the shape and form. With the help of light, the photographer can enhance the stress on a particular object.

The nude photography was very popular in the past when many years ago, the masters reflected human body beauty through drawing and sculpture. So, it is an ancient art form. It is continuing to develop today. The photographers picture nude photos and show their mood through, texture, context, lighting, posing and color. Nude shots are not erotic shots nor pornography. It is a genre, which reproduces the human body to underscore form, emotional content, and composition. 

The human body is an inconceivable powerful subject of photography. To show attention grabbing elements of the human body the photographers use different tools. Lightning, place, and posing are the most important techniques to emphasize curves of the body.

The photography black and white is a preferable one of professional photographers. The black and white nude photography adds contrast. With the help of lightning and shadows, photographers emphasize the body shapes.  Black and white nude photography is poetic, ancestral and sensual. It can give focus to the beauty of life that is unique. The secret to impressive black and white photography is mastering the skill of envisaging what will look great in monochrome.

Editing black and white photos

The black and white retouching is a significant process in every photographer’s work. It takes a lot of time and amount of skills. But its result doesn’t leave you indifferent. The black and white photo editing has different aspects, which you might not even know. It is suitable to mention the basic approaches of black and white photo editing. 

Black and white photo editing includes:

Converting to black and white

If you shoot colored photos, it is not a problem for us to make it black and white. The photo editors will make it in one stroke, finding a balance between shades.  

Shadows adjustment

In many cases, the black and white photo editors prefer deeper shadows. The brighter whites are assumed.

Background changing 

Using manipulation services, the photo editor can easily remove an unsuitable background. 

Shadows adjustment 

As it is black and white photo, you should improve the different shades of gray. Making them darker, you can stress on any point or conversely brighten certain areas. 

Exposure changing 

The photo retouchers use this tool to create a more realistic appearance of the photography. 

Skin retouching

If it is portrait, we will remove all unwanted elements from the body. Out photo retouchers, using professional portrait editing will improve the quality. Moreover, their art in high-end skin retouching will make your photo look stunning.

It is the main black and white photo editing tools. Our photo retouchers tick along with a wider range of photo editing tools. They cope with pin up retouching and outsource photo retouching services, which may be very suitable, when working with black and white photo editing.  



Why should you use our black and white photo editing service?


You may choose three ways to edit your black and white nude photography. The first is to do the photo retouching by yourself. It will take hours of hard work, as you need to deal with unknown photo retouching tools. The other way is to send your photo to another photo editing company, who will not do everything in time and will not satisfy your expectations.  And the last way is to use our black and white retouching services. Maybe the question "Why" rises in your mind. But don’t hesitate. We will you give strong arguments to choose our black and white retouching service. 

We work with professionals as well as amateur photographers all over the world. We find the right approach to every one of our customers, considering the customs of his country and of course, the requirements. Our skilled black and white photo editors work on a high level. They do work in time efficiently. They know all the various photo editing tools and how to use them properly. In addition, our affordable prices will please you. We also have different packages and discounts. If you are an admirer of swiftness and high quality, send your photos to us and you will not be disappointed.