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Thanksgiving Pin Up photography Style

Do you know that even nude photographers and boudoir photo retouchers have some work on this special day – Thanksgiving day. Our photo editing service created a list of the most extraordinary vintage pinup beauties in awkward Thanksgiving photographs.

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States. That is why many photographers make unusual semi-nude photo sessions using Pin Up style.

The models in pin up images show glamour, style, and sometimes vulgarity and they transform this intimate and boudoir photography into the concept of art.

Pin Up photography examples

Marilyn Monroe as vixen pilgrim, circa 1950

Candy woman


Passionate housekeepers

boudoir-photoAll these pictures show a great deal of boudoir photo editing work. Professional color correction, skin smoothening, and High End photo retouching. We also recommend reading about Top list of poses for glamour nude photo session to improve the quality of your shots and diverse your boudoir photography portfolio.

pin-upBeautiful neighbors


Despite the great but vulgar make-up and the beautiful models we can also admire the boudoir photographer’s skills to play elegantly with the color correction. Most of these photos have a vibrant color palette and that simply delights our eyes. 

Video about Pin Up photography

Our nude photo editing service has gathered some tutorials and video-tips about creating Pin Up photography, if you decided to take such photo session.

Tutorial about how to make a pin up hair style for your models.

Video about Pin Up make up.

An amazing video from about the way they made a pinup photo shoot and made it stand out from all of the other pinup photos out there by adding a concept to it.

These pin up photos they’ve made include a unique concept + professional boudoir photo editing

Strange and old Thanksgiving Pin Up images

This boudoir photo looks quite strange. A beautiful and sexy woman while riding sidesaddle — on a monster. Besidees, she is ladylike and has a natural look. 


Turkey dressing… get it?

boudoir-photoThese girls are dream houskeepers for all men in the world, don't they?

Who said that boudoir photographs were offensive for women? Look closer, these charming girls attract us!


If you like this photo editing technique, we can help you with boudoir photo retouching. Our team of experienced Photoshop retouchers has learned a lot about the requirements of nude photography and now provides high quality photo editing services to glamour and boudoir photographers all around the world. 

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