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Elegant and hot – How to make fantastic bedroom photography

Nudity always attracts the eye. Photo shoot in style of boudoir is somewhat intimate nature, because in the private area of a female territory, where she leads the gloss and beauty, not everyone can enter. The notion of bedroom photography is hot. Somehow, hearing this word appears in the imagination of classic bedroom, delicate fragrance, light illumination and the image of a woman on the inside. 

Boudoir photography is a special art for this the photographer needs to be a significant experience to create such a highly emotional, memorable gift to yourself and your loved one.


Many regard this as the original wedding gift for the groom, which is the best expresses sensuality beautiful bride and future wife. Hot bedroom photography before the wedding is a surprise for the groom, which will get them apart from other wedding photos. It is not only bold photos but also stunning, beautiful memories that memorializing your refinement and originality, will give you confidence in yourself as a girl, and your female charm. But it is only in that case if you’re a professional photographer!


The trend is bedroom photography for the better half of humanity who is preparing to become mothers. We all know that this is the most unforgettable period in life of each girl that is expecting a baby. Already it is noticeable rounded tummy, soft facial features, full of inner light and harmony with nature and inner condition of the expectant mother. A photographer can give in the frame you in this period of time incredibly feminine and provocative. 


Your favorite can you see in boudoir photography and fall in love again not only as the mother of his future child, and how incredibly hot woman even in a special situation incredible magnetically-attractive woman. A professional photographer will be able to convey your inner beauty during pregnancy, so looking at my Boudoir photo shoot on the expiry time not only do you want to repeat this event (I mean the second pregnancy) but the photography in the style of a boudoir in the period after recovery, when you realize that the process of becoming a woman and a mother makes you special and you'd want once again to emphasize this new surge of emotion for a loved one and yourself.


The most popular order for the coming months is a boudoir portrait, or briefly — "the boudoir". The very meaning of the word or the history of the term "Boudoir" appeared in the XVIII century. The boudoir has historically been a part of the room belonging to the woman, bathing, dressing or sleeping. 


Boudoir can be considered analogous to the concept of office for men. That is, in modern terms "the account" — it's a man's territory (boudoir — fr."Caprice") — the room belonging to the woman bathroom, closet or bedroom is a woman's Kingdom (which is the intimate area) for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. In later periods, the boudoir was used to create objects of art devoted to the woman. Luxury bedrooms of rich women of any era are called a boudoir.


If you are not attracted to the previous two events in the life of every woman, we want to focus on the fact that a girl is crucial for yourself to enjoy a boudoir photo shoot or Nude, makes this choice in favor of this direction pictures because she wants to keep up with the times, she wants to feel confident, feminine.


 She wants to capture herself at any period of time of your life, because it will take time and she's changed and she wants to see how it changes, to analyze, and to work on herself. Or the woman who feels confident in themselves, but lacks time because of the rhythm of life and the incredible burden of duties and responsibilities, she forgot what admiring themselves in its beauty that required the female to achieve inner balance of forces. 


After a boudoir photography attains the state of inner peace and harmonious mood with itself. Options, and in fact the reasons for a delicate Boudoir or Nude photography quite a lot, if you do insights in the work on themselves or their relationships or their inner self to examine itself anew to say Boudoir photography! It's your memory about her, but the memory we need.


Usually these shots of the girls need preparing for a long time, because everyone wants to show itself in all its glory, especially if boudoir photos are a gift for a loved one or future husband. 

The clothing to create an image style for bedroom boudoir photography : underwear, swimwear, lace bodysuits, garters, wedding veils, stockings... all of that somehow gives a hint of tenderness. These things give preference to the model. Of course, all ideas for photo shoots in the genre of Boudoir can be implemented independently. 


Only you can choose what number of clothes will be on you and the place where you will be photographed. These photos can be of any level, location, method and style, but they should perfectly fit you.

How to create perfect bedroom photography

For anybody it is not a secret that "bedroom boudoir photography " always attracts a very large audience. This means that the number of people wanting to become a model becomes more and more. Let's talk about the genre of boudoir photography out of the discussion about how it symbolizes the celebration of human beauty.


Potential boudoir images that by their nature they're an example of refined boudoir, vintage, "vintage" forms of art. This view of the genre can guarantee that the photo shoot Nude may even become extravagant, but interesting gift. The main thing – to remain satisfied with the result. A lot depends on the photographer. His choice must be treated very seriously.


If posing in the Nude in front of camera in a brightly lit Studio, terrifies and intrigues you at the same time, you should read some boudoir photography tips collected in this article.

At bedroom boudoir photography people are often faced with the fact that they can't overcome their own rigidity, especially if you will see these photographs and more. Hinder legs, arms become burden, depicts the face of extreme torment, which really was supposed to be a smile and all that faithfully captures camera.


Then people curse fate for their own is not photogenic and absolutely in vain, for a photo shoot at home, it makes sense to relax and make his outfit more freedom.

Bedroom boudoir photography tips

If we remember that in our civilization, 91% of women are dissatisfied with their body, the very decision to appear Nude deserves a thunder of applause and congratulations for the courage. Our simple boudoir photography tips will help you look great on photos and will make you hot!


1. Before photo shoot need rest and enough water

Even if the night before the photo session is anxious and full of doubt, you should try to relax. On the eve clear evening is gatherings and shindig. Take a warm bath or shower and better read a book before bed. In the morning you will see the "magic" that create a good sleep and proper hydration of the body. The physical and emotional state will change for the better. To be "in the buff" itself – the stress, the lights, and the camera only exacerbate it. To minimize anxiety, scientists suggest drinking plenty of fluids. This will reduce the excitement, and the photographs of the model will look happy and confident, and so it will be better.


2. Immediately try to undress

Quickly remove the clothing and put it on a naked body robe. Seems doubtful, but the technique really works. There are two reasons: first, the skin will fade the marks from clothing (constriction of elastic bands, indentations from a belt), and secondly, you will be able to get used to the feeling of nakedness or if it's planned, semi-Nude. Comfortable emotional state will be seen in the photo.


3. Shouldn't drink alcohol 

The vast majority of Nude photographers give one piece of advice: do not drink alcohol before shooting. Even a few drinks "to relieve tension" unconditionally spoil a photo shoot. Sometimes a little drinks in the process, but start being a bit tipsy – definitely a bad idea.


A glass of wine to calm down is possible, more glasses - never. A drunk customer often does and shows more than was willing to do "in sober mind and firm memory," and in photographing naked people, like love, needs constant and informed consent. In addition, the face will look as if its owner takes daily whole bath of alcohol.


4. Try to bend your knees

Even in the choice of poses for boudoir photography there are no clear rules, there is a "trump card", which always work. Magazine Nude-photographer Irina Mednik says that almost all of the customers asked to bend the knee and send him inside. It visually makes legs longer and slimmer, with beautiful curves of the figure becomes more feminine. The position of the limbs in General can completely change the photo. You can also cross your legs – the figure will resemble an hourglass.

5. To be naked is not entirely necessary 

If you believe any part of your body is not good enough to be seen by all, do not dwell. Tell us about your concerns with the photographer – a professional will always choose the poses and angles in which "imperfection" will not be visible. Often, customers ask that the photo was not visible belly, says Irina. Remember – you don't have to expose anything, you can choose a simple sitting pose in which many hated "lifeline" will not be noticeable. You can bend legs, placing the emphasis on the length of the lower limbs, lie down on your stomach, etc.

6. You can always say no

Customers’ boudoir shooting trust the photographer they hired and know their rights – their confidence becomes the best decoration of the frame. You should be comfortable on the site, feel free to say "no" and to stop the process at any time. A photographer can have different boudoir photography ideas, but you should remember, it's your photo shoot, not the photographer. Any worthy professional humbly accept the opinions of the customer and will not argue, to try to impose something. Images are completely private, are under full control of the customer, so nervous on this topic is not necessary.


7. Be yourself and stay natural

One of the most controversial topics – is whether you want to look natural photo shoot or to dress up to the nines (corsets, net stockings, false eyelashes). Professionals shooting boudoir are inclined to the principle of least intervention. You need to try to be natural as excessive effort, usually degrade the result. You should be natural, relaxed and the rule of "less is more" to minimize discomfort from the process and open the model from an unexpected quarter.


You can even stay in the familiar clothes; even full nudity often looks more attractive and more restrained than the combination of leopard print, lace corset, suspender belt and huge fake eyelashes. Special accessories and lingerie are welcome, but only when they complement the personality and features of the model.


8. Determine in advance your winning pose

Even if you have experience posing, boudoir shooting is unsettling. It is here useful photography experience all women are different, and one view can go alone and totally not be appropriate for another. You can assume that in profile look better, but the professional will adjust the position so that the position of the body flattered the model. For the first few minutes, as a rule, the photographer observes the customer determines what positions and angles are suitable to him. By the end of shooting, the model learns how to turn and position yourself to pictures were good – a nice bonus, and learn it easy.


9. Have fun shooting


The best boudoir photography ideas can be find when the photo shoot is a pleasure for both photographer and model. All the rules, precautions and difficulties do not mean that you'll be working more difficult than to serve jury duty. In contrast, boudoir photography is a kind of emotional therapy, and fun. If you are happy, satisfied face reflected happiness. You need to party hard, without fear that it would look silly. In the end, shooting Nude is important, rather than as the result in the form of photographs, but as a liberating process, giving the experience and celebration of the natural and beautiful human body.


For the photo shoot boudoir suitable not only girls, boys too can become the models in this photo shoot. All depends on the imagination of the photographer. The best example of such boudoir photography ideas could be the photos of Sarah Hester.

This blatant boudoir photo shoot in the style of Harry Potter is very hot. 

Sarah Hester is a big fan of the movie and books of Harry Potter. And once at the party she met a model Zachary Howell. All evening she called him Harry, as they are similar, because she didn’t know his real name. And in the end, she came up with the idea to photograph him as Harry, but not just any photo shoot, hot photo shoot in the bedroom. Zachary agreed and now we all can enjoy these really hot photos!

And of course we have another interesting male photo shoots in this article - Male professional nude photography – the beauty without compromise.



bedroom-photography-photo-retouching-sampleHow to make photos look professional

 Retouching is one of the most important parts of creating pictures. A crucial piece of photo retouching in the style of boudoir is skin retouching online .

To get beautiful skin while maintaining a natural texture is the Holy Grail of portrait photographer. An experienced photographer uses make-up and good lighting to obtain beautiful skin, but even then it is not possible to avoid shading.


You will learn three basic techniques for body retouch  in Adobe Photoshop, and understand in which situations it is advantageous to apply each method. 

1. Retouching layers

It is the easiest way to get the result that you need by retouching skin. Retouching layers will help you in the fight against pigment spots and other small defects of the skin. Another important feature of this method is the removal of the makeup, dust and small hairs in places where they are unnecessary. If you touch up makeup or adjusting lipstick or fill in the gaps in some places eye liner to get nice and clean lines, this method is exactly what you are looking for.

2. The frequency division


To create a more beautiful skin you need in the method of separation of frequencies. This method is more complex and has a greater number of operations, but the result justifies efforts. Skin after this treatment will not lose its natural texture. 


This method is most often used R for retouching small spots of pigmented skin, birthmarks, wrinkles of all kinds, dry and flaky skin and oily spots. Want to work wonders in retouching skin circles under eyes and makeup that is frozen or badly formed, then you need to use this method. But you should know that using this method you will not be able to remove excess hair.


Sometimes all the skin needs retouching. And the following method can be used in addition to the two other methods, which we reviewed. ByRo method is named after the man who invented it, and is particularly effective for quick, overall smoothing, while retaining skin texture. As in the case of the method of frequency division, byRo method is very laborious in the settings, but it is worth the effort.


I like to use this method for smoothing bad skin or repair skin with large pores or pigmentation. ByRo method is also ideal when the model has beautiful skin, not wearing makeup, and it takes just that little bit to give atmospheric pressure. This method is also applicable when the portrait is shot on a super clear camera lens. (My favorite portrait lens, for example, 100 mm macro lens, but it gives just a razor-sharp frame, I usually use this technique in post-processing). I also use byRo method, combined with a small increase in brightness with levels to create a healthy skin color.


ByRo method is not suitable for strong spots on the skin. Such stains are treated better corrective layer and/or the method of separation of frequencies. It is important for you to read Five Mistakes in Skin Retouching Online

Of course photo retouching needs professionals skills, so if you want to have really fabulous photos and haven’t time for learning how to retouch photos you should work with us. We can make your photos such a masterpiece and of course save your own style. See our digital retouching portfolio to have no distrust. 

In our website you can also see our photo retouching rates. You will be good surprised when you see our prices, because they are cheap and our work is professional, I also want to mention that we have long experience in photo retouching. So we wait for co-work with you and wish you a good luck in your business.  



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