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How to become a model: Tips, new trends and model poses for photo shoots

Many believe that the model is only to look good and look at the camera. In fact it is not. One beauty is not enough to be successful. The success of the model is entirely tied to the ability to pose. Of the hundreds of shots, the model should give the photographer "one shot". However, the skills of posing and photogenic models often depend on the model and are the result of years of experience and hard work.

How to learn posing styles for models

Any aspiring model, one always recommends flipping through glossy magazines, look at photos and select the most suitable frames. Then be sure to try to duplicate all the model poses for photo shoots in front of the mirror to the music. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, because models from the magazine, early in his career, were in a similar situation. It all starts somewhere. 


I advise you to continue to train up until the aspiring model reaches a variation of the posture that will surpass the original. It is important that the model feel confident in the poses. Need to practice up until postures become a natural. Also I recommend not forgetting about the emotion in the frame. Moving from one pose to another it is necessary to change the expression of your face. Practicing their own emotions, the girl will definitely find the posture that "will work" best! You need to practice as much as possible! Persistence and labor will certainly pay off in the future.

In this article we give you some posing tips for photographers. 

Modeling poses for beginners

Posing is an integral part of the model. In order to properly pose and be confident in his every movement will have a lot of hard work. There are specific exercises that you can perform at home. Give them 5-10 minutes daily, and after some time you will feel more relaxed in front of the camera. The art of posing will be subservient to you, if you get in the habit of following exercises:


Daily near the mirror portray different emotions (fear, joy, sadness, anger, thoughtfulness, etc.). Try to keep this process involved only your face, no gestures and sounds. Posing is not only good control over your body and what you have on your face. Your portfolio should be the maximum number of images that the customer can see the diversity of your image.

When you find that you are already well cope with this task, call your friends or parents - most importantly, that it was the people who won't confuse you. Arrange mini-game: have they guessed the emotions that you show. The more guesses on the first attempt, the better you do it. But, do not forget that at the auditions instead of parents and friends of your audience will be completely strangers, which will depend on whether you get the job.

Find 5-7 options for a successful boudoir flow posing. It is advisable to train in a bathing suit, so when posing to see all the flaws of the figure. Even if you have the perfect body, some poses may not look attractive enough. Taking a pose, meticulously take a look in the mirror. More importantly, in this pose you feel as comfortable as possible. Your portfolio should be only the best photos and the most successful versions of posing.


If you look in the mirror you more than satisfied, can enable this position to your list. For any photo shoots and auditions, you should be harvesting: 5-7 poses in which you are absolutely sure. Practice these poses so that you are easily able to accept them and to move seamlessly from one to the other. Directors at the auditions often ask girls to pose for the camera, and you have to be ready for it. When posing an important ease and naturalness - no one needs to understand that these postures are carefully rehearsed.


Glossy fashion magazines should be your tutorial on the art of posing. Please consider the poses and facial expressions of the models in the photos. Most of all pay attention to fashion story, as they most clearly reveals the way. As you study the poses in the photos, look carefully at every detail, right down to the position of the fingers. Then try to play some positions. When you begin to turn out without special work, relaxed and natural, then you can try improvisation. 

Add in every pose something of their own; for example, change the position of the head. If the option proves successful, then remember, better yet, ask someone to take a picture of a good position. Pay attention to emotions. Try in one position to portray several moods. For example, the first time take the position and make the innocent look, smiling briefly. And then repeat the same position, attaching to it a daring look fatal beauty. Posing is improvisation. Don't forget about it!


Many professional actors and models don't rehearse in front of a mirror. Really the most effective way to look at ourselves is to record your rehearsal session on video. Put your camera on a tripod or ask someone who will not discourage you to shoot the rehearsal. Video you can view many times to stop in interesting places. This will allow you to see all the details that you should pay attention to when posing. You can see some poses in our digital retouching portfolio 


This is probably the main exercise that you should regularly perform if you want to become a professional model and achieve success in the art of posing. Start training right now and success will not keep itself waiting long!

7 techniques of modeling poses for beginners

Not all photographers work with professional models. Often the work associated with shooting ordinary people, but anyone who wants to get well and be like a model.

How to work with people who have no experience in modeling to create a model of the image? 7 posing tips for photographers from Ben Tips 

1. The hair

Many photos spoiled by the position of the hair, especially if you are working without a stylist. But all can be controlled and the hair too. It is especially difficult to control long hair, but do not forget that the appearance of each person is different and each person needs an individual approach. 

Vary different hairstyles and different hair position depending on the angle and don't forget the hair on the shoulders look bad.


2. Pull the neck slightly forward

Sounds strange, isn't it?

In its normal position the man holds the neck so that the chin seems sluggish and may even give the impression that the person is overweight and he has a second chin. Ask the model to pull the ears forward, in this position of course is not quite comfortable, but the result will differ dramatically.

3. Hands up 

When the model is standing straight with hands down, the picture does not seem natural, and posture stiff. Invite the model to raise the arm a couple of inches, or put her on the thigh.

4. Visual space for waist 

The model looked at the photos more slender ask her to put hands at the waist left space that visually make it thinner.

5. Turn the shoulders

You do not want the model in the photo looked like an athlete or football player with a great torso. Then ask her to turn the body to the side away from the camera. When you rotate the shoulders the figure will look slimmer.


6. Hide the whites of the eyes

Often photographers want to make pictures of romance and reverie. Then they use view models aside, the best solution to make this look aesthetically pleasing, ask to see the model on the object behind the camera and not somewhere to the side.

7. Follow the proportion 

Each photo is built on symmetrical lines and proportions, and each successful turn can ruin the whole picture. Therefore it is very important to follow the nose, it can appear longer and break the line of the face. If the model is a little kind to you, so you had a space between the tip of the nose and cheek, the profile is beautiful, proportions.


How to make the model’s body perfect on the photos - boudoir flow posing

Creating a model portfolio is an opportunity to show a wide range of abilities of the model to reveal her best sides.

 1. Model poses for photo shoots. The key principles 

– Breathing: before creating the image (while shooting/taking a certain posture) doesn’t hold your breath, stay relaxed. 

– If the model cannot easily accept the demanded position, then the reason is not in the model, and poses. Each pose should be natural, free and comfortable to create the impression that the model is not posing, but just "joined in frame". 

– It is not necessary to radically change the pose after each click of the camera from frame to frame, changing just one element (head tilt, the position of the hands, rotate the hips). 


– The position of the hands and fingers of the model should be as natural as possible: 

1) Not pointing fingers (of the hand) to the camera. 

2) Don’t squeeze fingers into a fist. Leave them slightly relaxed (otherwise the picture would give the impression that they do not exist). 

3) Think of your hands some application (hands on hips, hands resting on any surface, do not forget about item number 2) or just put hands in pockets/behind your back. 

4) And of course one of the most important things is a body retouch, if you want to have perfect photos; your photographer must be a professional also in field of retouching. 


2. The boudoir flow posing depending on body during shooting

1) The Pictures in full-length and used in a portfolio to give the model the agents (customers) an idea of the type of addition model. Poses when creating such images should be fully emphasize the dignity of the figure of the model (narrow hips, waist, etc.): 

This is a classic pose of the model: expand the hip away from the camera, shoulders and chest toward the camera. This simple technique will make the hips slimmer 


– Distribute weight to the hips (or hip) and place the hands in an asymmetrical position. Professional models know that they look good in the photo, in their pose should be a proportion of asymmetry (for example, if one arm is straight, the other should be bent). This creates a feeling of relaxation and naturalness. 

– When hands are placed along the body, the model looks larger in comparison with a model whose elbows are divorced in sides. 

 Effect of high heels: the Breasts will be higher and the belly slimmer, if you plan your elbows back, opening the chest, and the shoulders pulled back slightly to raise his head. 


2) Poses for a photo shoot in the sitting position require a model of at least a hard work:

One of the first and most important rules in this situation – straight posture (if you want to make a slight tilt forward, as the pivot point, select the hip, without breaking the posture). 

– To avoid excess fullness in the hips (and in the sitting position concerned about this, even the thin models), sit sideways and shift your weight to the hip that is closest to the camera. 

– Feet should be at an angle to the camera and at a slight distance from each other – this will make them more toned. 

– The model's legs look slender, if the feet pressed to the floor. To visually lengthen the legs can be raised with feet (by relying on big toes).  

3) Shots in the prone position may carry a different meaning – from the playful to the hot stressed. In any case, the model and photographer's goal remains unchanged: to make the figure tauter.

Beautiful poses for photo shoots. Posing tips for photographers- professional posing:  

-Model lying on his side, leaning on the bent elbow, while the upper leg is slightly bent, and the bottom stays straight, making the legs look "endless". 

-The model is based on a slightly bent behind the left hand, right hand at the same time relaxed, both legs bent at the knees (the left thigh is on the surface, right – elevated).

4) Portrait. The most frequently used type of model photography – headshot, which is close to the portrait and represents the face and shoulders of the model close up. Such images are often used in model portfolio, of which are composed of cards of models (comp cards). Although such images do not require special postures, there are special rules that aspiring models should remember: 


The position of head full face and direct gaze into the camera is not always aesthetically and compositionally justified and look good when the image needs to give the effect of drama. For a softer effect, it's best to turn face at an angle to the camera, and then the view will also be directed at an angle that will create the feeling of intrigue and mystery. 

– Be careful which side of the directed light. Remember that the light creates on the face more shade (skin trapped in the opposite direction from the light source, will be strengthened, therefore, need to turn the head so that they were completely lit up). 


– Ensure that the shoulders were down and relaxed. 

– Don't forget about the principle of asymmetry: the head, tilted to a more elevated shoulder, will create a playful impression, while the head is tilted to a lowered shoulder, will help the model to Express a sense of self-worth.

Some interesting ideas for posing you can find here The language of your body - Dance photo shoot tips to make a masterpiece

Posing styles for models depending on specialization  

Whether you are dreaming about the career of runway, lingerie, glamorous models or on the career of a model high fashion, the ability to pose is the first (but not the only) factor that will affect your success.  

1. Underwear model / Shooting in bikini

Pictures of supermodels in bikinis create a sense of perfection, but the secret is not in perfect shape as such, but in a properly constructed pose for a photo shoot, which has the shape S: 


– Weight is transferred onto one thigh so that it acts in one direction (right or left), while the upper part of the body to another. Slightly turn the head toward the speaker of the thigh. Now your silhouette takes the form of S. the final touch: you can put your hands on your hips, or run them in your hair (ideal – model Victoria's Secret) 


For coherence modeling poses for beginners use the following techniques: 

– Set one leg in front of you and slightly bend – this will lengthen the leg. 

– Turn the body 45 degrees, and the head of the camera – this will allow to avoid unnecessary creases visually slim the waist. 

– In the supine position: lean on the elbow, pull one leg bent at the second – this will make your legs endless. 

2. Glamour model (glamour model to shoot for the men's and lifestyle magazines)

Posing styles for models in such sessions is very Frank and should emphasize the Breasts and thighs of the model. Thus, the appearance of the model plays a dominant role, while the clothing and accessories remain a secondary. 

Some common model poses for photo shoots: 


– Foot model, which is closest to the camera, slightly bent, which gives the body form S and making the transition from the back to the hips more advantageous.  

– Shoulders pulled back, chest goes forward, the belly is pulled so that it didn't look too deliberate or forced.  

– The view model sent to the camera, hands in the position of "butterfly" (crossed on his chest, the wrist and the fingers are slightly bent).

3. Model high fashion / wedding photography editorial

Pretentious and unnatural pose this type of models, fashion, aiming at an unattainable ideal, in the end, turns into a status thing, the next "peak" season. However, these "constructed", deliberate (and often uncomfortable for the models themselves) poses, unlike apparel and accessories, set the tone for decades to come. Consider some of them: 


– Posture "broken doll" (broken doll pose), turning the model into a kind of broken Barbie doll (in sitting position: feet wide apart, splayed elbows), gained a second wind thanks to the show America's Next Top model and her devoted admirer of the supermodel and host – Tyra Banks

– The hunch (a variation of "broken dolls" in the standing position) – the founder of this posture is considered to be the model 50's Dorian Parker, skillfully applying it in the surroundings of Palace apartments. Now "The hunch" is a real hit business model, it can be seen everywhere from print ads to photo shoots Vogue. This is not surprising: despite its pretentiousness, it gives the illusion of slimness. Technique: shoulders bent forward, stomach in, hands squeezing the edge with external discomfort this pose gives obvious results.


– Stride pose (step) – gives the picture dynamics. The technique depends on the specific task (step width model can make the grotesque, loose hair/clothing accentuate the sharpness of motion). 


This technique was successfully used iconic photographer Richard Avedon, who among other chooses her models for their Annie Leibovitz.

– Jump – a classic model pose, allowing the model to literally "float in the air." An innovator in this type of pose was the model of the 60's Veruschka among the most known pictures – photo of 1967, taken by Richard Avedon. Technique, according to the model, depends on the specific ideas and tasks ("to jump high and to do something. 


The final image of the model 

However, no matter how perfect and carefully selected the poses, they must be completely corresponding to the internal state / momentary mood of the model, and otherwise they will destroy the image of the model. This will help avoid the following rules: 


– Remember that each photo session is a little story you intend to convey to the audience (body language is inseparable from your emotions, so what are you going to tell me must be clear and close to you personally).  

– Remember that the job of a model is to be relaxed and adapt to the environment at 100%, to fit in suggested by the photographer/customer conditions as naturally as possible.  

– Remember that each new order (contract) is an opportunity to improve the skills of posing and in the end realize that you could only imagine in my wildest dreams!

- Remember that the photo shoot is only a half of successes. You must have also a professional skin retouching online. If your photographer has not enough knowledge or time for it, you can see our photo retouching rates and examples in our photo retouching blog. Here you can also find a lot of tips and interesting articles, for example Photoshopped images before and after: you will not believe your eyes.

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