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Photo retouch examples

Have you ever thought about the most crucial thing in outsource photo retouching? What essential step helps to reach pleasant results in editing process? If the first thing you have thought about is the professionalism of retouchers, you are partly mistaken. Judging from our successful digital improving experience, we are totally confident that the ability to reach mutual understanding between demanding customers and editing team is the most important item. That is the only thing that for sure determines the success of photo retouching before after. So particular for this reason customers, that have decided to give their photos edited, should not be aware of some basic shot retouching steps and facts which are obligatory to be known. And the knowledge of three common boudoir retouching levels is a vivid example. They are Standard, Complete and Complete+ levels of shot editing.

Let’s describe all of them quite briefly just in order for you to have some glimpses at their structure and main aims. We are full of hope that after reading this you will know for sure what kind of editing you are in need to choose in order to be 100% satisfied with retouched photos. We are proud that thousands professional photographers trust our company to improve their photo works. Our Photoshop retouching portfolio is full of brilliantly done retouching samples. 

Retouchers portfolio Levels

As we have mentioned there are three levels of possible photo editing provided by our image enhancement company. All these kinds of digital retouching contain quite multiple retouching techniques, have different depth of photo changing and are used for diverse photo art aims.

The first one is Standard level of photo editing. This level of shot enhancement is a special digital process which enables a shot to look certainly professionally retouched.  As it contains the smallest number of photo improving options, retouching rates for photo retouch examples per one image in this category is only 6$. That is rather pocket-friendly price for such proficient editing work.

If you are our client, choose the standard level of nude photo retouching you will be offered:

  • Supported RAW Formats

  • Colour Correction (white balance and contrast adjustment)

  • Standard Beauty Retouching( this option contains the most widely-used appearance improving step and common body retouch)

  • Standard Skin Retouching (that includes blemish, scars removal, etc.)

  • Background Cleaning (removing unwanted items from a given photo)

  • Image cropping

The most distinctive feature of the first level, unlike two other kinds, is that before retouching deals with raw photo formats. The explanation for this is rather simple. Standard level is usually done for private use. Here we deal with private shooting most of all.

 If after reading this piece of information you feel that Standard photo retouch is not enough for, we may offer you Complete editing level. Although this kind of shot changing is a bit more expensive, still it is rather popular one, as edited photos of this kind look as if they we done for magazine covers. Beyond doubts it provides our numerous clients with a wider range editing techniques than the first one. For this reason price for retouching samples is 12$ for one improved picture. And after reading the whole list of enhancement options provided on this level, you will understand that it is a rather low price for such hard work.

So, if you have chosen Complete level retouching provided by our retouching company, you will be offered the following photo enhancement options as:

  • Standard Correction included (that is basic color correction and adjustment)

  • Complete Beauty Retouching (professional portrait editing)

  • Complete Skin retouching (skin retouching online includes skin smoothing, blemish or wrinkles removal, etc.)

  • Complete Body retouching (it means complete slimming, cellulite removal, etc.)

  • Complete Background improvement( we mean unwanted items removal or backdrop color changing)

  • Fixing Clothing Malfunction

  • Extending Background and other essential photo options.

As a rule, retouching samples in Complete level of editing look professionally beautiful and breath-taking. That is why retouchers portfolio done by our skillful editing team it definitely the subject of our extreme proudness.

The last and most advanced kind of possible nude editing is Complete+ level. Complete+ level of photo editing is the most proficient level of boudoir shot enhancement provided by our digital image changing team. It contains the most skills-demanding and time-taking shot enhancement techniques which are ever possible in the sphere of photo art. 

Price for one improved picture is 15$. Although retouching rates in Complete+ level are the highest compared with Standard and Complete ones, in this kind of shot changing you will get the biggest list of shot changing techniques. Among them we may mention such options as:

  • Complete Correction included

  • Magazine Retouching

  • Following unique customer`s style

  • Heads or Body parts swapping

  • Objects or People Removing from the image

  • Background Replacement and other techniques in order to achieve exactly wanted result.

The most prominent feature about this level is that it deals with digital retouching before and after for mainly commercial use. As a rule that are retouching artist portfolios or magazine photos. That is why here the thing of most importance is following every unique client`s style. Definitely our specialists have succeeded in this sphere. We understand how valuable these photos are for you and your career. And with our help they will not be a flop.

Retouching artist portfolio

Our retouchers portfolio may be a vivid example of our professionalism. We realize how fashion retouching before and after may be important. Moreover, we are used to work in various styles of retouching such as black and white retouching, pin up retouching and other style depending on the wish of a potential client. That is why you may be sure for trusting doing your portfolio to us. Be sure that everything will be done perfectly and in time. Our photo fix company will provide you with outstanding editing services in all necessary spheres of photo art. More than 10 years our main goal is to please our clients, either permanent or would-be ones, in order for them to return to us every time they are in need of brilliant photos. All in all, no matter what kind of image enhancement you will ask us for, definitely final result will be beyond any praise. Just try and become confident in it for 100%.