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Photo Retouching Services for Professional Photographers

We have established this professional photo retouching company to provide photographers with varied manipulations that are connected with portraiture, wedding, and glamour photography enhancement. Also we have a special studio specializing in nude, boudoir and glamour photography retouching. The team of our company received experience in these well-known genres of photo retouching, as they have been working during 10 years as boudoir photographers in New York and London. That is a great contribution to their skin retouching skills, competence and professionalism.

Professional photo retouching example - Before Professional photo retouching example - After Professional photo retouching example - used techniques

We are not going to divide customers into professional and beginning photographers, giving preference to more experienced ones. We work with all types of RAW files that may be of any extension and size. That makes our image retouching services quite flexible and demanded. Collaborating with our agency you will not face challenges based on your professional level, preferences in professional photo retouching and its genres. Every photographer will get the top-notch quality service.


If you have any questions concerning offered photo retouching service, you cannot understand the procedure of using our website, or there are still some unclear things you cannot find answers in our special section called “Frequently asked questions”, a client care manager of our photo retouching studio can answer all your questions 24/7 in the online chat. Just write us in the chat box below and receive answer either immediately or with the help of any other devices that are convenient for you. 

The main benefit of our photo retouch service is total safety of the photos you upload on our website to make your photo retouching order. These pictures will not be outsourced to a third party and will not be published in social networks or on any other platforms. Clients are sure that only they and their photo retouchers may see the pictures. We treat this question as we realize that dealing with photo retouching requires a full security and ability to ensure privacy to every client.

Professional Photo Retouching has never been easier

Our time-economizing photo retouching services take deep care of everything you need concerning professional photography. You sign in quickly and set an order mentioning all important remarks about photo retouching results, choose a level of retouching service and upload raw photos. After it we are expecting from you to select the speed of work and specify deadline, if there is one. You will be asked to wait nearly 24-48 hours until your photo retouching order is completed. After it you have time to assess the quality of provided work, the competence of our photo retouchers that were responsible for your order. In case your satisfaction is full, you pay for the order and get your images. But if there is something that distracts you, our team is going to process your photos until you are totally happy with the result. For comfort of our customers, the first corrections are done for free.

Professional portrait editing servicesProfessional portrait editing
Black and white photo retouchingBlack and white retouching
Skin retouching onlineSkin retouching online
Pin up retouching servicesPin up retouching
Body retouching servicesBody retouch
Outsource photo retouching services to usOutsource photo retouching


The photo retouching service is used both by professional photographers who have strict demands and hesitating amateurs. Therefore, professional beauty retouching offered by our company is constantly recognized due to its flexibility. Any level of needed photo retouching is possible in case you apply for our help. Additionally, before choosing what you want, in case there are hesitations, you may get a comprehensive consultation during which you will be supported to make the right decision.

These images illustrate the stages of placing every order in order for you to understand the process of professional photo retouching better:

Professional photo retouching - girl's portrait - Before Professional photo retouching - girl's portrait - After Professional photo retouching - portrait enhancement techinques


Sign in on the photo retouching website. Registration will take you not more than 2 minutes as usual. You need to enter a valid email and save your password.


Upload photos that you are eager to be enhanced with photo retouching services. We recommend sending us RAW formats, TIFF or high JPG extensions, but we also accept Photoshop format PSD and others formats that are convenient for you. It is important to remember that the higher is the quality of photos that you provide, the better retouched photos you can get. 


You select the required level of professional photo retouching from the portfolio page. With this choice you will give us what we need to do, how deeply your picture should be changed and improved. In order not to be mistaken, look attentively at the list of offered image retouching services. All services are classified according to the included tools and options. 

Body retouching example - Before Body retouching example - After Body retouching example - Skin airbrushing techniques


Professional photo retouching Q&A:

  1. How deep do you want to retouch skin of the body and skin of the face? Choose whether your desire is a more natural editing or removing all visible skin defects. You should also decide what degree of smoothening will suit your photos. Believe us that with professional photo retouching you have a wide choice.
  2. Do you need applying body plastic and changing the body lines or even face shape? Note that Plastic includes Complete and Complete + retouching levels. Thus, before selecting the required level of glamour photography retouching find out whether the chosen levels include them. If not – find another level or consult our manager in the chat box.
  3. What degree of color correction you expect from professional photo retouching? An important moment is to understand if you need a color adjustment or stylization. The first variant of photo retouching guarantees natural color balancing and improving. The second one will add a stylized effect to your photography making it not quite natural, but totally atmospheric.
  4. Is light correction an important point in body & face photo retouching for you? If you want to get some special corrections on the photos than finding our retouching studio is the right decision. We deal with color correction of colorized and black and white photos. Standard professional beauty retouching includes adding light to the face and body, if necessary. That serves to highlight those parts of the nude photo that you want to remove from the shadows.
  5. Removing extra elements is also included in photo retouching services. When improving a photo, we can remove glare on glasses, unnecessary elements or strangers from the background, but only if it is written in the instructions. Be responsible for adding detailed directives concerning offered services.
  6. Cleaning hair, removing or adding hairs is an additional service that is not a part of the standard glamour photo retouching. In the standard level of retouching removing the sticking or jamming hair on the face or around the head is present. If you need to be provided with the level above - choose a professional photo retouching of a higher level.
  7. Replacing and cleaning the background are also among the possible options. When retouching a photo, the background replacement is performed only on request of the client and only on the levels of Complete and Complete + of professional photo retouching. We ask to send the desired background or at least give us clear characteristics of it, so that we will fulfill the order as good as possible. 
Glamour photo retouching: Face & Body - Before Glamour photo retouching: Face & Body - After Glamour photo retouching: Face & Body - Advanced techniques

We understand that every photographer has its own style of both photographing and editing. In order not to differ from your style, we ask you to complete your orders with the photo samples from your portfolio. That will be your contribution to final success.

Choose the speed of the order processing depending on the level of chosen photo retouching services. That means that you state for how long you want the photos to be post processed. It takes about 48 hours to complete the order. Also you can choose an additional service of 24/48 hours guaranteed to be finished by the deadline. Additionally, you can specify the deadline date, if you have one.

Wait a little, and you will be notified by a mail that your photo retouching order is ready. That means you can enjoy the final photos. You can write us a letter or ask for any corrections. And also we like to receive feedback concerning our photo retouching services and the company work.

Professional Photo Retouching Services prices

Moderate pricing is the second benefit of our photo retouching services. The pricing list is divided according to the offered levels from the cheapest one to the most expensive. All levels are quite affordable and all prices fairly reflect all provided options. 

We begin with Standard level with the average price of $6. For this amount you will get all basic corrections included in common photo retouching. These techniques are targeted to improve face and body imperfects as well as common photography mistakes that are connected with lightning and coloring. Deep picture improving will not be offered to you in case of choosing the starting level. It is suitable for selecting only in case you need glamour photo retouching for getting images for private collection or you present photos that do not have considerable drawbacks. 

The next level is Complete with price of $12 per a photo. Judging from the title, this level offers everything that is needed for pictures to look amazing. It includes a complete list of body and face improving. Image retouching services cover varied manipulations with clothing and background. 

The last is Complete+ with pricing of $15 per a picture. These options include all possible glamour photography retouching which is presented in magazines or advertisements. Magazine photo retouching is the first to be included. In combinations with body parts` swapping and professional work with backdrop improving, the result is always amazing.

Why photographers use professional photo retouching services?

Maternity photo retouching example - Before Maternity photo retouching example - After Maternity photo retouching example - Skin, Face, Body

Many contemporary photographers face the disappointing situation when photography retouching done without professionally support and eats your time which you could spend to finding more customers. Our photo retouching studio exists to help you with that, allowing numerous photographers not to worry about future of their photos and to be sure in achieving the greatest results possible in professional photo retouching. 

The reasons why photographers choose professional photo retouching are numerous. They vary from just lack of time to not having enough digital support. One more wide-spread reason is being overwhelmed with photoshooting orders. Therefore, any modern career in photographing is impossible without professional photo retouching. 

We realize that these days a plenty of other photo retouching services creates a high level of competitiveness. Therefore, to stay competitive, our decision was to create a unique service.  

Many of our clients compare co-working with us and especially the process of choosing the needed level and set of improving techniques with buying in a store. The similarity lies in the following. Every level and type of professional photo retouching is followed with a picture example. Thus, you see what you are going to pay for. But collaborating with us is even better, as before we accept any order, our clients may add their preferences under each photo. That will specify what kind of adjustments is waited from our professional photo retouchers. Customers can mention what type of improving options should be emphasized. That makes the editing process easier for us and faster for clients. 

In case our clients, who are photographers in most cases, tend to enrich their knowledge, we are always ready to show every step of professional retouching done to their photos. By doing this, you will able to control every stage of picture enhancing with the possibility to make remarks. We are more than sure that both sides will find bonuses from this type of collaboration. And finally this teamed work will end in original photos that will attract people due to their uniqueness and professional retouching style. 

In case you are interested in possible discounts for photo retouching services, we are eager to surprise you. There are two variants of getting these offerings. The first condition under what you will get them is having a big order, we mean 10 photos and more. And the next is having a plan to collaborate on continuous basis. In this case, you should contact us in order to discuss your personal unique discount.

100% confidentiality of your photo retouching orderYour privacy is totally saved and security is completely guaranteed. That is explained due to the fact that after you upload images, they will not be shown to other people. You will remain the only owner of pictures, as they are 100% confidential.

Photo retouching services list:

Portrait editing

That is the basis for photo retouching. Usually is not ordered as separate service, as the most effectively it serves in combination with others services.

Landscape retouching

Our professionals will show that from an ordinary landscape photo a masterpiece can be achieved. That is possible due to sky replacement, item removing and other manipulations.

Wedding post processing

We will make photographer`s routine less stressful taking all their responsibilities about post production. Here we include face editing, body retouching and landscape improving in successful combination.

Pin-up editing

We have not forgotten about this colorful photo style. If you want something unforgettable, choose this genre.

Glamour photo editing

This style is preferable to those who are bored with classical photo retouching services. Due to their brightness, they build a connecting bridge between private editing and retouching for a wide audience.

Fashion editing

This branch is focused on improving model`s beauty in combination with creating a special fashion-like photo atmosphere. All pictures are not worse than popular cover shoots.

Magazine photo retouching

That is the most popular commercial type of professional photo retouching. Photos can be printed for advertising and present varied brands.

Model retouching

And the last type - retouch model`s body and face. That is one of the most time-taking photo retouching services.

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