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How to Add Presets to LightRoom - Embracing Photo Retouching

We bet a multitude of people has already searched for easy and effective ways of applying photo editing to their photo images. People always tend to simplify their lives. If it hadn’t been for mobile phones, we would still be forced to write letters and wait for the answers for days or even months, depending on the distance. Hadn’t Internet and laptops been invented, the search for information would be much more difficult and would for sure require us to step out of our snuggly beds. Nowadays, we have all sorts of necessities and conveniences at our disposal, as well as heaps of useful gadgets for us to save our time and efforts. In the photography domain, presets are exactly those little gimmicks that can easily help photographers create an unforgettable photo with just one click.


 Some people think that photo retouching takes tons of hours even if you are a professional photographer and has some good and time-approved skills of photo editing. In reality, it may take some pretty long time to create a masterpiece, if you want to create something out of this world all on your own. However, when you need to achieve great results in a short period of time, obtain good quality results with a minimum loss of time - installing presets in lightroom and using them in your daily working routine is exactly what you need. If you wonder How to Save Time with Export Presets in Lightroom this video will prove it to you that presets are absolute time savers that should definitely be born in mind. Not only can you save time on repeating series of action for a photo session, but can also achieve really nice effect and photo editing results   


Why installing presets in Lightroom

Photographers all over the globe palpably do their utmost in order to step out and to push the existing artistic boundaries. That is quite a usual and natural thing for them to do. We are liable to pay our attention more to those people who can easily stir our imagination, as well as trigger strong emotions. Photo images on their own, without any photo retouching, may look great, of course, thanks to intriguing compositions, breathtaking settings and so on. However, once photos are touched up, they turn out to look even more mesmerizing and eye-catching as opposed to a bit dull and lifeless untouched ones.


 It is as if wise and skillful retouching could breathe in some new life into photo images, give them some additional sparkle that makes us gaze those photos for quite some time. That is what every photographer really craves – recognition and attention to artistic works. They want to be spotted, with their artistic messages conveyed and understood in a good way. For these purposes they try to find the most appropriate retouch effect, the one which will make an already great photo image look even more charismatic, fetching and simply alluring. Sometimes a successfully done photo retouching may make a photo image bring out the best of it. In our article “Photoshopped images before and after: you will not believe your eyes” we have already discussed this fact. If it is possible to change things drastically in a photo, then it is more than possible to make an already great shot stand out with a wise retouch and attract lots and lots of attention.


It is especially useful for those who tend to indulge into boudoir photography. Look at the Most popular boudoir photography ideas. They are are mesmerizing on their own, without being retouched. At least it seems at it was the truth. But even a minimal smart photo editing can take it to a brand new level, pave its way to more recognition. And that is exactly what is needed, isn’t it? Bring out the best from the shot and make it look even better, so that it catches people’s attention and enthrall them. Sometimes applying the same kinds of editing to a series of photos may be tiring and tedious. Or sometimes your imagination may be not in its best shape, so to say, so you would wish there was at least something to give a small creative push.   

 how-to-add-presets-to-lightroom-photo-retouching-exampleThere is a nice “remedy” for it – retouch presets. These are series of filters or specific adjustments existing in a ready-made form, so that you can apply them with a single click. Presets may appear to be extremely useful also when you are short of time or simple dint want to spend much time on photo editing. They are located on the left part of the screen in Lightroom and enable you to previously see the result. Therefore, there won’t be such awkward moments like in some online retouch applications, where you first apply an effect in order to see the result, so it takes some time to re-do everything in case you don’t like it. But we bet you already know the deal.


It is not a secret that you can save your adjustments and make your own presets. For instance, this cool video gives some more insight into how to greate amazing layered presets in Lightroom – Lightroom Presets tutorial - Create Layered Presets In Lightroom 6 /CC .

Sometimes it takes some quite some time in order to concoct something new and worthy your attention. Therefore, in such rare cases presets may be more then useful, since you can find an interesting one out there in the boundless expanses of internet and get down to installing presets in lightroom and using them to your own advantage. Some people may not know how to add a preset to lightroom and therefore have not yet discovered how great and helpful they may be. For those of you out there who are still at a loss about how to add presets to lightroom, there are multifarious video tutorial on the issue. For instance this one - How to Install Lightroom 6 Presets on Mac and PC.

  Or not the least helpful and the one showing how to apply installed presets right away – Lightroom Presets - How to Install and Use Them. 

With the help of presets you may be able to create all kinds of look, everything according do your wishes. After having done, for instance, a perfect skin retouching online, there is not much to worry about if you already have those presets to be used in just a couple of clicks. Well, maybe you will need a bit of body retouch, or eliminate some undesirable objects, prune some unnecessary details away from the shot and you are pretty much done. One click here, another click there and all adjustments you adore most of all are already applied. That is more then helpful especially when it comes to series of photo shots where you are ought to be consistent and coherent in you retouch job. For example, this video shown how to make an alluring street style photo with a pack of nice presets –  Using Lightroom Presets to make a Cool Urban Desaturated Look.

Here is another one if you wish to be ready for the majestic fall season which is coming soon (seems to be far fron the truth, but time is fleeting, so that you wont even notice how soon it will be) – Fall Landscape Presets for Lightroom.

For winter lovers there may be tons of great presets as well as this very video shows us – Winterlust Snow Presets for Lightroom DEMO.

Basically, you may achieve any kind of effect, just find the right presets for it.


What is more, if you have Lightroom on your phone, you will definitely score even more heavily. Nowadays, when everybody is on the go and tries to do everything faster and better, without wasting any spare minute, a mobile retouch app like Lightroom with a nice collection of presets may be a time saver as well. If you know how to add presets to lightroom on a computer or lapton, them it will not be a challenge for you to do the same thing on your smartphone. Just like it is showed in this video – Add Preset in Lightroom Mobile.

Instagram lovers will be enraptured. Now they have a splendid possibility to do an excellent photo retouching on their phones within minutes, even seconds. Snap a great shot, select your favorite preset or most favorable one in your case, and here you go – you are ready to upload a new piece of art to your instagram account and attract more subscribers to admire your photo images. To find out more How to Edit Instagram Photos with Lightroom Presets! (+ 5 FREE Presets) follow the link &ndash.


How to add presets to Lightroom?

Finally we have come to the nagging question - how to add a preset to lightroom. The question how to import presets into Lightroom 6  and how to import presets into lightroom cc  are pretty easy to solve, fortunately. Since many people have already upgraded to the 6th or CC version of the program, we will show it to you how to install presets in lightroom 6 and how to import presets into lightroom cc. However, the process is pretty much the same in any version. Pay attention as well to the fact that depending on the operating system it will be a bit different, though not that much drastically anyway. 

Step 1. In order to prune away this annoying question about how to import presets into lightroom 6  and cc, open the program and find Edit (if you are a PC user) or Lightroom (in case you are a Mac user). Click on them, naturally enough.

Step 2. After that find Preferences in the appeared bar and click on this one this time.


Step 3. Now there will appear another screen. At the top you will see six taps the second of which – Presets – is what you need to select next.


Step 4. The nest thing you need to do is to slick on Show Lightroom Presets Folder and click twice on the bar tilted Lightroom. 

Step 5. Now it is time to select the folder under the name “Develop Presets”. That is, actually, the place where presets are imported. Make sure to head directly to this one after setting everything up. Don't try to search things all over the place.  

Step 6. All you need to do now is to copy the content of the downloaded folder with presets you like and have selected, and paste them into the folder from step 5.


Step 7. Voila! You are all set and can  work with new forces. Make sure to breathe in life into your shots and use those presets to the fullest!


  In case you have any troubles with downloading your presets, there is a way out that you can try out. First of all, you may simply switch your browser. Sometimes, it is the browser that prevents presets being downloaded. And in case you have any trouble unfolding the  file, just try doing it with a special program (though it should already exist on your computer). Obstacles here may be due to the initially just opened file, instead of it being saved. Hit the save button first. Besides, after all the downloading and installing, after finilly working it out with how to import presets into lightroom cc, as well as how to import presets into Lightroom 6, you should better restart the program for further successful usage. Although it is a quite easy step, many people tend to forget about it and then whine that nothing worked. 


As you can see, it was pretty easy to battle the question about how to install presets in lightroom 6. Nevertheless, you might have meticulously followed this short guide on how to install presets in Lightroom 6 and cc and and still have no result. It happens sometimes, no worries. You may start with restarting the program, as we have mentioned previously. Above this, make sure to extract files correctly I order to be able to have an excess to them in the program. Just double clicking does not work, make sure to extract everything from the zip file. Besides, be sure to select the right folder if you have several. And it is better that you do have multiple in order not to break your leg among multifarious presets in one single folder. 


We hope that you get it now how to add a preset to lightroom and to use them to your own advantage. Some people may be way too nit-picking and try to do everything on their own, since other people’s taste does not satisfy their artistic requirements (or so they say). Meanwhile, others do not steer clear of using those presets they like. And they have a point. Naturally, that not every single present you will find in internet, you will find flattering or interesting enough. But if you do see a worthy preset or a couple of them, why not take them in your employ? It will save you a lot of time and efforts as well. Even the Best boudoir photographers from Europe tend to make use of presets, since it is highly effective and remove the need to constantly repeat the same actions and adjustment for series of photos. 


One way or another, we know for sure that some photographers have a busy schedule and do not always have a possibility to retouch their photos on their own. Although presets may save time and make photo editing easier, there are still a number of adjustment that require some precision, as well as attention. Therefore, they appear to be quite time consuming. Isn’t it better to spend time on prolific photo shooting or on a meeting and communication with potential clients, rather than be glued to the screen for hours and do monotonous job? Of course it is! Some people may enjoy photo editing, just like our team of professional photo retouchers at Nude Retouching.


 However, others may absolutely hate it due to its tediousness and uniformity. Luckily enough, you may contact our photo retouching service for professional help. Our highly soaring photo retouching rates are a good piece of evidence that our experienced and skilled photo editors know the deal and are absolutely keen on what they do. If they hadn’t, there would not be so many satisfied clients of ours. Besides, our digital retouching portfolio displays as well the reason why people entrust us their artistic works. We exceedingly care for what we do. Therefore, we try to find an individual approach to every single client, enabling him to obtain photos  that he requires. Our photo retouchers are happy to listen to your preferences and meets your demands, since they know how important your work is for you. We have successfully met all the requirements of a multitude of happy clients.  We would be extremely glad to help you as well! What is more. Our retouching prices are very affordable and quite reasonable as opposed to some other photo editing companies. Therefore, you are very welcome to collaborate with us once again, if you are satisfied with the results.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for. If you want t find out some more interesting information about boudoir photography and photo retouching of nude photo images, make sure to visit our blog and check out other articles of ours.    

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