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Christmas Nude Photographs

“Holly, jolly Christmas is the best time of the year” are the words from a song of an outstanding and unrivalled American singer and actor of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra. Everybody can`t but loves Christmas – an extremely pleasant atmosphere, family hearth, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, presents, little Kevin who stayed at home alone…what could be better! 

Needless to say that every year during Christmas holidays different mags, famous brands and photo studios want to gain more adoration and confirm their relevance by publishing or taking photographs connected with this fabulous day. No exception, of course, nude photo shoots. Eye-popping and zesty pictures are sure to satisfy demanding public and increase popularity of brands!

And now, let us enjoy some amazing pictures with ladies who sparkle our favourite winter holiday!

The Best Poses for Boudoir Photo

Models should be like bombshells – pictures they are depicted in need to highlight the most beautiful shapes of a body and make men`s jaws dropped. Really, voluptuous women impress you greatly, especially if they have chosen The Best poses for a nude photo session. Having seen her once, a man is sure to remember her for the rest of his life…that what we call femme fatale. 

It is evident that the use of some Christmas attributes to cover the parts of a body is the main trend of Christmas nude photos. Balls, string of lights and even presents can help to create the impression of enigma and add some magic to the photos.

Red Bows or Ribbons 

Instead of open lingerie one may definitely use red bows or strings to get alluring boudoir images. It is quite simple decision, but at the same time it is very successful: women look like Christmas presents and thus they are admired by everybody. What is more there exist a burning desire to untie bows and look at the secrets which they hide. 

Christmas Wreath

One more important sign of Christmas is wreath. It evokes warm memories and positive emotions, so, why not to use it during the photo shoot? It is a surefire way to get beautiful nude photos and the most positive reviews! Here you may see a girl with the red wreath, but it may be of different colors – just work with fertile creativity!

Christmas Tree

Kevin McCallister once said: “How could you have Christmas without a Christmas tree?” Undoubtedly we should pay attention to the remark of the child – Christmas needs its tree.

The same can be said about Christmas nude photo sessions – pine tree or spruce may decorate beguiling pictures. Best nude photographers are likely to realize that trees make shots enchanting and convey spirit of calm winter night.


Some of us may say that presents are never too many. That`s true – pretty girls with big boxes can`t but please men.

Models are a fusion of charm and delight, they seem to be a little bit naïve and defenseless, hiding behind bright Christmas boxes.  However they are considered to be sweet and mild like our favourite chocolate candies. 

String of lights and Christmas balls

If we have a Christmas tree, we need also Christmas balls and strings of lights – they make a pine or a spruce the real beauty.

The same can be done with models – it is possible to use these decorations during a nude photo shoot.

You may also fix nude pictures online to make them better. Due to editing and retouching photos look more attractive and eye-catching.

Beautiful Stockings

To make photographs more sensual and adorable shooters ask models to wear stockings – the thing that drives men crazy. Stockings may be of classical black color or striped Christmas ones – it doesn`t make the big difference. This item of women`s lingerie excites men in any case. Besides, stockings emphasize the beauty of legs and make them visually slimmer. Nevertheless one shouldn`t forget about boudoir photo manipulation which is of great help while fixing some drawbacks.


Santa Claus Costume

Girls are sometimes very naughty and like to wear men`s cloths, as for instance Santa Clause costume. However they look brilliantly in it – there are some variations of this fancy dress. Photographers quite often take pictures of “female” Santa Clauses since they evoke pleasant feelings and create the impression of happy holidays. Moreover people are likely to buy mags with such outstanding photos, because lots of us want to have our own fairy tale. 

Lady in Red

One of the main colors associated with Christmas is red.

So, no wonder that it prevails in nude Christmas photos. To create “red composition” a photographer may use linen of this devil color or just follow the KISS principle – nothing except red panties. Both ideas are acceptable and not the only ones: just use your imagination! Ladies in red always receive the best compliments. 

Santa`s Little Helpers

One shouldn`t also forget about different colors – green or blue ones which may be appropriate while shooting Christmas nude images. Color correction will surely be very useful as it serves to adjust color and light in the pictures. Santa`s little helpers, such as elves, for examples, can inspire you to take not typical but enchanting photos.

 Think of different compositions, poses, moods and try to create something unique. View our before and after photo retouching examples of boudoir photography.


Men…how can we forget about them during Christmas holidays! Evidently, it is impossible. Wearing these costumes and showing their alluring bodies men deserve women's close attention.

Models are photographed in various costumes and poses, but in all cases they have a handsome and charming look. Using natural retouching you may add more attractiveness to your shots and improve their quality. Try to focus on the best features of men during the photo shoot and you will certainly achieve success. 

As you can see Christmas nude images are a kind of awesome stuff. Their success depends on the variety of factors – poses, colors, decorations. Moreover candid pictures always have to be carefully edited, since they reveal the large area of human body. Besides it is very convenient to fix nude pictures online at reliable nude photo editing pricing.

So, make magnificent nude photos and be always creative!


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