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Naked wedding – Best nude photo editing examples

The wedding is always a special day, which brings unforgettable emotions. It is the new step in the couple’s life. The couple always celebrates this day, gathering with relatives and closest friends. Moreover, the brightness of wedding day is unforgettable. We are used to a magnificent wedding gown, soft decoration colors, plenty of flowers, desirable gifts, and memorable ceremony.

Are you an eccentric person? Are you tired of ordinary weddings?  If you are, we would like to impress you with weddings, which absolutely ruin your image of weddings. The naked wedding is the wedding for people, who live without complying with general human rules and strive for something extraordinary. Let’s observe engaging gifts for grooms and overwhelming naked wedding, which takes your breath away. 


Why do people use boudoir bridal photography?

Through the last centuries, the depiction of the human body has been a difficulty for artists. Unlikely, today the fine art nude photography simplifies the depiction of body shapes. Read more about Nude photography and retouching services in the UK  and Everything about USA nude photography industry. The nude photographers learned to depict the human body in a non-provocative, but artistic way. To be exact, the boudoir photography has appeared lately and become one of the recent trends in wedding photography. Check Boudoir photography projects to find more information about this photography genre.  

by Cate Scaglione Sydney Glamour Photography

The wedding boudoir photography has grown in popularity in recent years. It is boudoir bridal photography makes the heart soar and women prefers this photography for different reasons. Do you have wedding day in few month? Are you thinking about surprising your lucky partner to a very special boudoir gift? You will not make a bad shot if you choose boudoir bridal photography. 

 by Cate Scaglione


Bridal boudoir photography is a very intimate, special pre-wedding photography shoot where you feel like a celebrity from a magazine cover. The pre-wedding boudoir photography is the way to astonish your partner with eye-candy hot photos of yours. Do not be afraid, if before you have never had boudoir photography. Before bridal boudoir photo shoot, the first thing you should do is to find professional boudoir photographer. As the bigger part of successful bridal boudoir photo shoot depends on the photographer work and his interaction with his client. Check the article Best nude photography websites and Top European boudoir photographers to find skillful boudoir photographer. The professional boudoir photographer suggests you the poses, which emphasizes your body shapes, and create atmosphere during bridal boudoir photo shoot, that you feel yourself comfortable and at ease.

 by Cate Scaglione

The other things depend on you. Plan your photo shooting before. First, chose the location for your bridal boudoir photo shoot. It can be your bedroom, number in the hotel or studio with appropriate location. Then, take you are the most beautiful lingerie and accessories. If you are not sure with your choice, take two set of underwear, which fit you most of all. You have to be ready with makeup and hairstyle to complete the whole look. Our advice is to feel yourself at ease in front of the camera to get stunning photos. Think about your groom during the bridal boudoir photo shoot. The photo album with your boudoir shots is the great present ever for your groom. 

Naked wedding photography – they know how to astonish


By Sydney Glamour Photography

The bridal boudoir photo shoot is an amazing idea. The bridal boudoir shots leave everything to the imagination. But what do you think about the naked wedding? It seems to be unimagined for you, but we will surprise you with extraordinary mind-blowing naked wedding stories and photos. 

 (Symbol of freedom. The statue in Jamaica has the inscription “None but ourselves can free our minds”) 

Today, no one wants a "typical" wedding. Everybody tries to astonish that the wedding was noticed all over the world. Some people prefer ordinary wedding ceremonies, the others like to hide away white gowns and prefer a more natural, nude approach. Yes, the naked weddings gain popularity among eccentric couples. The impress the whole world with naked wedding photography and stories. 


Naked weddings are a wedding that is characterized by naked couple and guests. It can relate to the nudist lifestyle or an idea of a specific wedding. Typical naked wedding includes flowers, veils, accessories, music, and food. Mostly, the naked wedding is not legal and many countries want to ban them absolutely. The couple chooses such wedding destinations, as The N Resort (Jamaica), Haulover Beach (Miami), Las Vegas (Nevada), Aoraki Naturally (New Zealand). Let’s observe naked wedding photographies of the weddings which break the internet. 


The biggest nude wedding was held in Jamaica in 2003. 29 couple decided to get married at the same time on Valentine's Dat. The wedding destination was Hedonism III in Runway. The wedding included couples of a different nationality, as Canadian, Russian, American Indian and others. 


Another naked wedding was held in Negril. Only 10 adventurous couples were chosen from Canada and USA as a part of nude wedding contest. The couples had four nights party. The wedding also was held on Valentine’s Day. The dozens of orchid bouquets decorated the wedding ceremony. The couples described it, as a fairytale. 

Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith kissed naked on their marriage day, in front of City Hall in San Francisco. It happened on December 19, 2013. The couple described it as a protest against the nudity ban. They were sure that many people supported them. They danced naked with their friends in front of City Hall. 


The couple from New Zealand didn’t have to buy wedding outfits, the follow naked wedding trend and got married nude. As there are many establishments in the world, which are ready to serve naked weddings, the couple were married at the Wellington Naturist Club. A half of their guests were also naked. The groom has been leading nudist lifestyle for six years. 

Ashley and Alika decided to tie the knot removing wedding outfits. The wedding was held in 2014. However, their parents were against this idea and did not come to the ceremony.

It is not the whole list of naked weddings. The naked weddings gain popularity. Many countries absolutely ban such wedding ceremonies. However, for instance, in China naked wedding means low-cost wedding. Such weddings don’t involve any purchases. You are might confuse by all this information, but still, such extraordinary things exist. Which wedding to prefer is your own business. The only we know, that wedding shots must have appealing look and save memories forever. 

How to enhance bridal boudoir photo shoot

Which bridal boudoir photos are you expected? Of course, you are waiting for vibrant, colored, perfect shots without any deviation. The creating of such perfect shots take hours of intense work. Mostly it refers to professional photo editing. 


The boudoir photo editing includes a variety of photo editing techniques. First of all, you need to remove all spots and shadows from the skin, using skin retouch online and body retouching services. Then enhance the color of the photo and adjust the shadows. Think about a background. If it is not appropriate, remove it. The portrait retouching services help you to closely taken a photo. Many photographers prefer to capture black and white boudoir shots, as they reproduce true emotions. In this case, it is better to use black and white photo editing services. The glamor photo editing is preferable by Hollywood celebrities. If you might notice, the celebrities look greatly on the magazine's covers. To have such stunning photos, as the celebrities have, read the articles Victoria's Secret Photo editing Style and Best nudes of Kim Kardashian – boudoir photo editing or natural beauty?  You will see photo retouch before after of the celebrities’ images, which differ from initial variant greatly. 


The boudoir photo editing requires hours of work. We suggest you send you photos to us and forget about this problems. Our company provides photo editing services for professional photographers since 2003. We have an estimable place on photo editing market, as thousands of customers use our services every day. We keep a retouching blog, where photographers can find interesting and at the same time essential information for their further work development. As for retouching rates, we will please you with reliable photo retouch prices and different discount packages. Our professional photo editors work diligently and are very appreciated by our customers. Don’t hesitate and send your photos to us. You will not be wrong if you choose our company.  

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