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Complete level retouching

Nowadays the art of photography plays an extremely important role in lives of not only professional photographers or models, but also in lives of ordinary people. In our digitalized modern world people even do not notice how essential their photos are for them. As a rule every person takes more than 100 shots per one month without even realizing their number. Without any doubts most of them are not touched or improved. But still sometimes a person realizes that photos are special marvelous moments that make our memories eternal. For this reason photographers` profession is in such demand as many people tend to organize professional photo shootings and want their photos to be perfectly retouched. 

The process of digital shot editing is known to be rather skill-demanding and time-taking. For the sake of being able to make a real masterpiece out of an ordinary photo a lot of energy-taking work has to be implied. But still to achieve brilliant photo results not only shot editing specialists have to take part in it. Clients should also know the basic facts and steps about image improving process in order to understand what exactly techniques have to be implied to their photos. If customers know for sure what they expect from final results, it will definitely make the photo editing much quicker and simpler. As a result, we will achieve a brilliant combination of customers, who are completely pleased with final shot outcomes, and photo enhancement specialists, who are able to do their work outstandingly quick. 

The most basic thing that our clients should not be aware of, is that there are three common levels of photo enhancement process. They are Standard level, Complete level and Complete+ level of shot editing. For sure all of them have their advantages and disadvantages as well as being used in different photo art spheres such as the professional portrait editing and some style depending spheres such as, for instance, pin up retouching.

This article is devoted to the describing the second level of shot editing which is Complete retouching level. Retouching rates on this step of image improving is 12$ per one changed picture. That is a rather pocket-friendly price for such a high quality editing process. Be sure that you will not be able to find lower price offered by other image retouching companies. 

Definitely if you need to do Complete level shot editing, our professional image improving team is a marvelous choice for you. We are open to please our clients with low rates, individual approach to every customer and outstanding final outcomes. So, if you have chosen Complete level retouching provided be our retouching company, you will be offered such photo enhancement options as:

  • Standard Correction included

  • Complete Beauty Retouching( these are body retouch and appearance improving)

  • Complete Slimming

  • Complete Eyes Editing ( that may include red eyes editing, eyes` color brightening an so on)

  • Complete Skin retouching ( that technique includes skin smoothing, blemish or wrinkles removal, etc)

  • Braces Removal

  • Complete Body retouching

  • Complete hair editing

  • Complete Background improvement

  • Fixing Clothing Malfunction

  • Extending Background

We are eager to describe every step of Complete photo editing thoroughly for every client to realize whether they need to order exactly this kind of image editing or maybe they have to choose other level of editing that will meet the necessary demands. 

The most basic thing about Complete level retouching is that on this step our customers are provided with standard photo correction. This option enables to do basic color correction and adjustment, to do black and white retouching and to solve such photo mistakes as light flares. It makes the general impression of every ordinary shot look as if it is professional one.

One more essential step in Complete editing level is beauty retouching. This step is believed to be quite time-taking and skills demanding. On this very stage our specialists do the biggest amount of retouching work as it deals with appearance improvement. In order to do it quite a wide range of image improving techniques have to be implied. To complete beauty editing options we may refer skin cleanup, selecting skin tones, fixing hair issues, etc. Moreover, braces removal is also a popular improving technique. We realize that many women are not eager to show this item due to a perpetuated stereotype of its unattractiveness. Be sure that this wish is able to be done. Actually, everything which is connected with making person`s appearance better and hiding facial drawbacks is implied there. Below we will come across some of them and describe them more carefully. 

One more step, connected with Complete photo retouching level, is complete slimming. We understand that every person, especially woman, has a great desire to look outstanding in all kinds of photos. And in nude shots this wish reaches the highest level. But sometimes our body does not look as good as we wish it to be due to some unwanted kilos. For this reason our editing company is open to fix this problem. Be sure that after our body retouch you will look as slim as professional models from fashion magazines. In addition to this, complete editing level also offers customers with eyes retouching. Without any doubts, eyes are mirrors for our souls. That is the reason why they should look perfectly in every given photo. That is only they which are able to convey powerful information without words. Bur sometimes various photo drawbacks can spoil the final image. The most common problem is red eyes. But with help of our specialist this issue can be solved quickly and without any efforts.

Moreover, on the stage of complete retouching skin editing is also widely used. Very often various skin problems become crucial for a photographed person. Though in nude photo the beauty of a body is considered the most essential, the condition of skin is also important. No matter how beautiful your figure is, be sure that blemishes or wrinkles can spoil the whole look. That is why such options as skin retouching online and skin drawbacks removal are of great importance. 

Complete photo retouching is also connected with hair editing. Beautiful and groomed hair will become a big benefit for you. You have to understand that in nude photo shooting every little detail should not be omitted. That is why digital editing work is so important, bur beneficial and rewarding at a time. Discussing the notion of complete editing, we also have to mention fixing various clothing malfunctions. Even in the sphere of nude art, where the shooting takes place in profession photo studios with advanced equipment and highly qualified specialists, such problems may happen. That makes these drawbacks especially disappointing. But do not be quick to become sad, everything can be solved and retouched be our professional team.

As we have mentioned, nude shot making, as a rule, is done in professional locations. However, sometimes different unwanted items or inappropriate lighting may prevent customers from enjoying the brilliant final result. That is where complete background changing and light improvement take place. In nude shot everything has to be organized to a particular way, so that the beauty of the photographed person is underlined. Although some still tend to believe that backdrop is not essential thing in order to be retouched, we are quite sure that it is the wrong position. 

Our company is well-qualified and experienced enough in order to satisfy all our customers, even the most demanding ones. In this article we have explained you the notion of Complete level retouching. If you have found there all necessary techniques to be implied in your photos, then you are always welcome to choose this particular level. But still if you feel that you do not need to be offered such a wide range of image improving services, you may ask for a Standard shot editing level. By doing it you will be offered such techniques as:

  • Color Correction

  • Removing Wrinkles

  • Standard Beauty retouching

  • Standard Skin editing

  • Background Cleaning

  • Whitening teeth and eyes editing 

  • Image cropping and other useful enhancement options.

If after having read our article you realize that Complete level of photo editing is not enough in order to satisfy you, than you can ask for the most advanced retouching, which is Complete+ editing level. In this category you will be offered such options as:

  • Complete correction included

  • Professional magazine retouching 

  • Following unique client`s style

  • Body parts swapping and many other editing techniques.

All in all, no matter what level of shot improving you will choose, the final result will be definitely impressive. Be sure that we offer you clients only well done outsource photo retouching.