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Complete+ level retouching

Today the art of photography has become a thing of great importance. It is hard even to submit an ordinary person`s life without taking various snaps. In our fast modern style of life people tend to capture warm and pleasant moments with the help of photography. Every time we celebrate something or just have fun we tend to make a least some photos. By doing it we can freeze all these rare minutes of genuine happiness. So it is obvious, that people have become addicted to photography sphere, in pleasant meaning. But still nowadays people are not eager to limit themselves with just home-made shots for private photo collections only. Today professional photo sessions are becoming more and more popular. Exactly for this reason the photographers` occupations are in such a great demand. With the development of different modern photo equipment and appearance of various new shot trends, an ordinary person has a great desire to become a happy owner of brilliantly done professional images.

 Our photo retouching company offers you perfect editing services in all possible spheres of photo art. More than 10 years our main task is to please our clients in order for them to return to us every time they are in need of brilliant photos. For sure we have succeeded in this. But still judging from our experience we may say that sometimes it can be rather difficult for a client to explain what exactly he/she wants to see as final image result. That is why it is quite necessary for customers, who have made their minds to give the photos retouched, to know some basic facts about shot improving. That will help to reach a mutual understanding between customers and retouches. Without any doubts, it will make the process of shot editing much easier for digital retouching specialists and quicker for waiting clients.

The most essential fact about our outsource photo retouching is that it has three different levels of photo enhancement, which are Standard, Complete and Complete+ levels. For sure they are totally different and each of them has various peculiarities to be known and noticed before choosing editing services. In this article we are going to describe the last kind of image editing which is Complete+ retouching level. 

Complete+ level of photo editing is the most advanced level of possible shot enhancement. It includes the most proficient and skills-demanding image changing techniques which are ever possible in the sphere of boudoir photo art. That is why although retouching rates in Complete+ level, which are 15 $ per one changed photo, are the highest compared with Standard and Complete ones, having chosen this kind of shot changing you will be provided with the biggest list of shot changing techniques. Among them we may name such options as:

  • Complete Correction included

  • Magazine Retouching

  • Following unique customer`s style

  • Heads or Body parts swapping

  • Objects or People Removing from the image

  • Background Replacement and other techniques in order to achieve exactly wanted result.

Further in this article we will describe every mentioned step more thoroughly for your deeper understanding them. We are quite sure that after reading this article you will know for sure whether Complete+ editing level is a need for you or maybe you should look through other level in order to find exactly appropriate retouching level.

First of all, Complete+ retouching level deals with the notion of complete correction included.  It means that having chosen this level you will have all basic photo corrections implied on your photos. Undoubtedly our retouching specialists will do color correction and further its adjustment. Then our team will use common appearance enhancement techniques. The list of techniques is considered to be rather long. The most often used are skin smoothing and various skin drawbacks removal. With skin retouching online it may be possible to retouch blemishes, acne or wrinkles. We understand how disappointing all this skin problems may be and how it is important to hide all of them at least in photos. Although we are not magicians, your wish will be done beyond any doubts. And together with professional teeth whitening and red eyes removal you will look as if you are a real model. We know for sure that this is exactly what our customers expect from us, especially when we talk about nude photo retouching. In this sphere not a single detail may be omitted. And definitely professional portrait editing provided by our company is beyond any praising. That is just excellent service and outstanding result.

The next important step in Complete+ level is magazine retouching. We understand that as a rule this level of retouching is chosen not for private photo collection. For this issue we may advise you to think about Standard improving level. The third level usually deals with image retouching for commercial use. As a rule these are advertising or different magazine retouching. So this kind of shot changing requires using a wider range of retouching options in order to create a juicy and alluring final picture. That is done in order to commercial photos to be able to attract the attention of as many would-be customers as possible. For this reason while working with nude magazine photo, our main task is to underline the breath-taking beauty of a photographed model. In this sphere a model should look so bright and eye-catching in order for everybody to fall in love with her after a few seconds of viewing a picture. For sure the level of changing in the photos of that kind is much deeper than in ordinary shots for private use. The model`s beauty there is a little bit exuberated for the sake of being noticeable, while in private photo the main task is to underline the genuine beauty of a person. That is the main and crucial difference between private and magazine retouching. Moreover, due to new trends magazine editing tends to work with different unusual and memorable styles such as pin up retouching or black and white retouching, which has only started to win its popularity.

In Complete+ editing level our team also does heads or body parts swapping. Sometimes model`s body does not look as attractive as it is necessary for a particular magazine photo shooting. In some cases definitely it is needed to use body retouch, but still sometimes it is not enough. That is where body parts swapping will become a must have for you. Our team is experienced enough to do this retouching so professionally, that not a single person will be able to notice the fact of changing. Furthermore, our company guarantees the total privacy. We will not publish your changed nude photo until you will allow doing it for the sake of our advertising.

One more important step which is done on the Complete+ level is items or people removal from a photo. Although nude photos are believed to be a special kind of photo art, whose shootings take place in professional photo studios, sometimes even a little object on the background can spoil the whole image. But still this issue is not a crucial problem for our company. We are able to imply object removing perfectly and quickly at a time. No matter whether it is a little item or a whole person, everything will be vanished from a given photo. Not a single footprint will be left on the backdrop. 

On the Complete+ retouching level background replacement is also done. It is somehow connected with backdrop removal, but still while implying this technique editing specialists are able to make a completely new and different backdrop for your photos. For sure just light and monochrome background, usually used in photo studios, sometimes is not able to convey the proper photo message. For this particular reason, with the help of this technique you will have a possibility to choose an exactly photo location that you have in your mind. Here sky is the limit.

And the most important step of Complete+ editing level we have left for the end. That is following a unique client`s style. Beyond doubts, that is a step without which Complete+ level will not be able to exist. It is following customer`s style that makes this level so popular. And that has a very simple explanation. The matter is that while implying Standard and Complete levels, we retouch photos mainly for private use. And in the Complete+ level shot are edited for the sake of commercial use. Here we co-work with professional editors or even designers who have their unique views about the final results. They are indulged in various artistic spheres which demand implying creative retouching. 

After describing all stages of Complete+ editing level, we believe that all your hesitations, connected with choosing a particular retouching kind, have completely vanished. But still if you have understood that Complete+ is not exactly what you need, you may order other image improving levels. For instance, having chosen Standard retouching level you will get:

  • Supported RAW formats

  • Color correction

  • Standard beauty retouching

  • Background cleaning

  • Teeth whitening

  • Red eyes removal

  • Stray Hair removing and other editing techniques.

If Standard photo retouching level is not enough for you, you may consider the second improving kind, which is Complete level. There you will be provided with:

  • Standard correction included

  • Complete beauty retouching

  • Braces removal

  • Complete eyes and hair removal

  • Fixing clothing malfunctions and other photo options.

All in all, no difference what level of photo enhancement you will choose, definitely final result will be beyond any praise. Just believe that more than 5000 thousands of our clients cannot be mistaken. So try and ensure.