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Standard level retouching

Without any doubts with the help of various photo editing services every shot may be turned into an outstanding masterpiece. After having implied a wide range of digital improving techniques every improved photo has not much in common with the original one. However, sometimes from the first sight it is almost impossible to assess all little details which were retouched and understand what editing options were used to achieve this breath-taking result. But still it is very important for our customers not to be aware of the online picture improving process and every step that is used for the sake of making the given shots better. That is why our professional image editing team has an aim to clear out some facts of common outsource photo retouching and structures of basic photo editing services. 

Although, the process of shot improving is believed to be very complicated and time-taking, still some important pieces of information have to be known be every client if he wants to be completely satisfied with the final photo outcome. We believe that the thing of great importance is to understand the notion of shot editing level. There are three of them. They are standard, complete and complete + level.  First of all, you should know what a particular level provides you with in order to choose appropriate one. And in this article we will describe the first one, which is standard retouching level.

Standard level of shot improving is the post-production process which enables a photo to look certainly professionally retouched.  Retouching rates per one image in this category is 6$. That is one of the lowest prices for a high quality photo editing provided by professional shot improving companies.

On the standard level of photo retouching every our customers will be offered:

  • Supported RAW Formats

  • Colour Correction

  • Standard Beauty Retouching

  • Standard Skin Retouching ( that includes blemish, scars removal, etc)

  • Background Cleaning ( removing unwanted items from a given photo)

  • Whitening teeth and Red Eyes Removal

  • Removing Stray Hair

  • Removing Light Flares and other photo mistakes

  • Removing Wrinkles

  • Image Cropping

Below each step of shot enhancement will be described. So that you will understand whether the standard level of photo retouching is what you need to choose.

This kind of photo editing levels is rather widely used. Often our image improving team is asked to do exactly standard picture retouching as it offers the most basic and common photo editing techniques. Another important advantage is that on this level our specialist can work with raw formats unlike complete and complete+ levels. That is much easier for private clients as they often ask to retouch exactly untouched shot from the very beginning. 

Standard shot editing level deals with various steps of making every raw photo much better. For instance, on this level our company offers clients a great range of appearance enhancement options. We realize that almost in every kind of photo sphere, either it is home-like family shooting or portrait photo session, standard beauty retouching is in enormous demand. And in the sphere of nude retouching brilliantly done face improving techniques become a definite must have. Professional portrait editing can turn your snap into the subject of everybody`s attention and admiration, especially in nude photo sphere and other photo art kinds connected with it such as, for example, pin up retouching.  In order to make appearance improvement our retouching team implies such option as standard skin editing. Skin retouching online provided by our professional company in the sphere of nude editing includes blemish, scars, zits, acnes, pimples and other skin drawbacks removal. That will make you look outstandingly in every improved shot. One more option is removing wrinkles. Although these techniques require only professionally editing skills, our team is definitely able to do them on a high level. Our company also offers its clients removing stray hair over face. Even though this photo drawback is believed to be not crucial, sometimes it can spoil the final image. 

Moreover, continuing the sphere of face improvement, our company also provides its customers with teeth whitening and red eyes removing. Though such photo mistakes as red eyes and not perfectly white teeth are believed to be not of great importance, they are able to spoil every, even the most professionally done, shot. For this particular reason our company will do its best in order to enable our clients to get rid of them rather easily. Be quite sure that we will do our best to make your teeth perfectly white as well as your eyes shining brightly.

Standard photo editing level also include background correction and cleaning. We believe that many people have noticed at least once that every professional shot has an outstanding location. But still photographers do not spend numerous hours for the sake of finding appropriate background. Speaking about nude shooting, the process of photo session is hold in particular photo-making studios. However, even there sometimes it is very difficult to achieve a perfect backdrop. We believe that every photographer, no matter a professional or just a beginner, have faced such problem. That is where our background retouching service will for sure help you.  In addition to this, our team will help you to delete unwanted items from a particular picture. And with the combination of high-quality body retouch you will without any doubts be satisfied with perfect final result.

One more widely used technique connected with standard level of photo retouching is colour correction. Every shot colour improving is the process of changing colour characteristic of a given image in order to make it look quite professionally. As a rule, retouching companies imply different editing programs in order to achieve the proper colour adjustment. Among these photos editing programs we may mention Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture, etc. But still you may be sure that the final result will be definitely impressive.

Our shot editing team also provides its clients with removing light flares and other photography mistakes on the step of standard level retouching. They are considered to be the most common drawbacks in photos given to our company. That is why our specialists are experienced enough to satisfy easily all our clients and fix every photo mistake.

Now we hope that you have understood the basic notion of standard photo retouching level. As we have mentioned, this level of shot editing provides our clients with most common retouching techniques for making every shot much better. You may be sure that if you are eager to have your photo improved for private use, this level will be an excellent choice for you. 

But still if you in need of some other photo editing techniques, you may choose other levels of photo improving. For example if you want to have a deeper level of photo editing you should order Complete Level of photo retouching, as it provides clients with such digital editing options as:

  • Complete Beauty Retouching

  • Complete Hair Retouching

  • Complete Body Retouching

  • Fixing Clothing Malfuctions and other editing techniques in order to achieve a professionally improved photo as final result.

If you are eager to be offered with such image editing options as:

  • Complete correction included

  • Magazine retouching

  • Following client`s style and many other picture improving techniques, then you have to choose Complete+ level of photo retouching. Be sure that our company will provide its clients with high quality picture editing no matter what level of photo retouching they will choose.

With its help you will be able to have high quality image retouching as well as be provided with pocket-friendly prices for our services. Our retouching rates will without any doubts impress you. They are one of the lowest that you will find. All in all, you may be sure that no matter what kind of shot improvement you will choose, starting with the nude photo editing and finishing with the black and white retouching, you will definitely be provided only with high quality final results.