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Pin up effect Photoshop in videos

Pin up effect Photoshop is a type of image retouching, which helps to transform usual photos into outstanding pictures of last century. This is a creative Photoshop retro effect, which is connected with the pin up posters of beautiful seminude girls or stars, which were so popular in that time. Pin up editing includes not only color correction and make-up enhancing; first of all it is a kind of professional body retouch, because each pin up model should have the expropriate figure and perfect look at all. 


Today we are going to teach you how to make a photo look vintage in Photoshop. We will present you the video tutorials, which are the best at creating of pin up effect Photoshop. We will prove that the pin up nude photos are very colorful, attractive and of course hot. It goes without saying you will love pin up style at the first sight.


10 videos about how to add pin up effect Photoshop 

The number of professional digital retouching portfolio examples of a good quality is very big. And nowadays there are a lot of discussions that are connected with the nude photography.  We suggest you reading the article Masterpiece or vulgar photo? Fine art nude photography, which underlines the beauty and elegance of boudoir images.  Anyway, we are sure that an observing the process of creating the most brilliant and unusual pictures is more important for image retouchers. That is the main reason why we decided to demonstrate the pin up editing procedure with the top videos how to make a photo look vintage in Photoshop. 


The first video, we are going to show you, demonstrates how the pin up girls looked like before the Photoshop was invented. Watch attentively and try to compare the origin photos with the painted pictures. What is the difference between them and what are the most important features, which are improved at these pictures. It goes without saying that the attractive hot figure and nice face of the model, bright colors and creative background are integral parts of any pin up photo session.


In the retouching of all pictures the face enhancing plays the most essential role. That is why we suggest you watching this tutorial, which deals with pin up face improving. This is the great example of correct professional photo retouching procedure. The main benefits of this tutorial are:

1.It will teach you how to create the vintage effect Photoshop. 

2.It includes the whole steps of the professional face editing.

3.You will get know how to enhance the make-up of the model. 


If you need to make a party poster or a cover of a magazine in pin up style, this tutorial matches you the best. In this video you will find a lot of useful information, in particular:

1.The main features of Photoshop retro effect.

2.The best postures for such type of photo session.

3.How to choose the proper background for your pin up poster.

4.Which effects look really cool at pin up cover.

5.The textures, which underline your creative style.


Speaking about the peculiar features of this video we must admit that the tutorial is devoted to the improving of skin retouching online. After watching this video you will get:

1.Professional tips, which are connected with the body editing.

2.Useful tricks, which help you to correct and to regulate the brightness and contrast of the pin up picture. 

3.Very important knowledge about the pin up effect Photoshop and how to change the photo with the help of lighting and shades. 

4.Especially cool tips, which make the pin up girl hot and alluring.


It is not a secret that today the Photoshop illustrations are extremely popular amount the users of social nets. Such pictures are created from the photo but thank the work of specialist they look like a masterpiece. The video we found for you is a professional tutorial, which teaches you:

1.To make a vector pin up editing step by step.

2.To draw an amazing pin up picture over an origin photo with the help of layers.

3.To choose correct colors for image variegating. 

4.What to add and what to remove from the picture to make it really of pin up style. 


The next tutorial shows a lot of professional techniques, which can transform a simple boudoir photo into a great picture with vintage effect Photoshop.  We want you to watch this video to learn more about:

1.How to make the painted look colors at the image.

2.How to underline the make-up, which is typical for pin up style.

3.How to change and adorn the details at the image.

4.What to do to emphasize the femininity of the model.

5.How to make a photo look vintage in Photoshop.


If you desire to impress your friends with the unusual post card in pin up style, the best variant is to create it in Photoshop. This online video tutorial demonstrates how to make a really pin up girl from usual nude style photo. This video will give you a lot of useful tips, for example:

1.How to use filters in Photoshop.

2.To provide the manipulations with the fore- and background colors.

3.How to set the necessary brightness and lighting for such pictures.

4.To create and to improve the pin up background.


As a rule we imagine the pin up photography in such a way: beautiful pin up girl in bright clothes and on the multicolor ground. But this tutorial provides another version. It is a group of people in retro style. The main advantages of the tutorial consist in the vital knowledge are given to the retoucher:

1.The explaining of the remove, add and change procedure of the background.

2.Helpful information, connected with the manipulations with the small objects. How to give a special importance to the details.

3.The tips about how to find right proportion between highlight, clarity and saturation to create Photoshop retro effect successfully. 


This is one more tutorial we are going to present today. Here is talking about the main functions and options, which are used for producing vintage effect Photoshop. It includes:

1.Special skin retouching tips, which allow you to make the model’s body perfect.

2.The damaged picture effect, which gives the image a vintage look.

3.The main helpful tricks about colorizing, texturing and brightening procedures, which have to be obligatory used during the pin up editing.  


It is very popular nowadays to choose the pin up poster as a present for birthday or just like a modern decoration for a house. That is why each retoucher, who is going to learn how to make a pin up effect Photoshop, should know the rules of creating the poster or a magazine cover from the 1940-1950s. This video’s task is to learn you:

1.To create the cover from the 20th century.

2.To turn the image into black & white color.

3.Which filter to use to give the picture the newspaper effect. 

So, it was the top of the best online tutorials, which are very useful for those photo retouchers, who desire to create an outstanding vintage effect Photoshop. If the topic is really interesting for you, you can also read the item Pin Up Retouching Tips - Hot & Juicy. Here you will find the best examples of pin up photography and the vintage models are famous all over the world.

By the way, if you need a professional help, the photo editors of our company are always eager to give you a helping hand. You can look through the examples of our retouching on the web site; there is also the information about photo retouching rates and services, which our professional image editing firm offers. Our specialists are always ready to give you an advice and to share their great experience.

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