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Photo retouching prices

You may see here the pricing for professional photo retouching by Nude Retouching specialists. If you want to order some services, please, mention all the elements that are necessary to be retouched. You may choose one of the three retouching levels provided for professional shooters. Photo retouching rates are also given bellow. 

Retouching rates

You may choose one of the three retouching packages, with a difference in the level of post-processing, average time spent retouching and in a retoucher`s competency. Some retouchers improve your pictures by Standard level of retouching and the other – by Complete one. 

Our company is very conscientious and demanding while choosing specialists, thus our professionals may offer cheap photo retouching of all kinds: black and white retouching, body retouch, skin retouching online, etc. If you want to cooperate with our firm we will help you to choose the most sophisticated professional who will make your images of the top quality. For our returning clients it is possible to select a highly-skilled retoucher who will certainly help to highlight the best features of a photograph and provide you with the top level of photo editing. Photo retouching prices see below.

Photography Retouching Pricing

Image Retouching Services

Price per photo

Retouching works included

Standard Photo Retouching


  • Color correction
  • Image cropping
  • Standard beauty retouching
  • Standard portrait retouching
  • Drawbacks removal

Complete Photo Retouching


  • Standard correction
  • Complete beauty retouching
  • Complete background retouching and background manipulations
  • Professional portrait editing
  • Drawbacks removal

Complete + Photo Retouching


  • Complete Correction
  • Magazine retouching
  • Removing objects/people from the picture
  • Heads/body parts swapping
  • Following client`s style




As you can our post production company is able to offer you a wide range of different services. However photo retouching prices are not high and the level of competence is the top one. It is very convenient for you to outsource photo retouching and save your time and efforts.

Cheap photo editing

One may think that cheap photo editing means the low quality of work, but that is not true. Retouching rates should be reliable and thus we provide professional services and diligent work. You may send a trial photograph to us and we will show you the best level of work. Our experienced and efficient retouchers edit your pictures within 2 or three working days keeping up the privacy policy and 100% of confidentiality. You may check the way we cope with the tasks by looking at the photo retouch before after in our Portfolio.

Cheap photo editing is the exact thing you need and since it is a surefire way to enhance your images and be extremely satisfied with the quality of our services.

What Photo Retouching level is the most appropriate for you?

One may think that it is difficult to choose the best photo retouching level, but we will explain how they differ from each other so that you are able to select the retouching package which will be the most appropriate personally for you.

Standard Retouching Level

The given level of retouching is the best for those shooters who doesn`t need a most professional nude photo editing service. The package offers the following aspects: color correction, standard beauty retouching and skin retouching, background cleaning, removing light flares, image cropping. The team of our enthusiastic retouchers can easily remove stray hair over face and minimize wrinkles, whiten teeth and eyes. RAW formats are also supported. Photo editing prices are cheap within this level – just $6 per photo. 

Complete Retouching Level

This level of retouching is appropriate for shooters who require more professional nude image editing services. Photo retouching rates are still not high, but it doesn`t influence the way we work. Complete retouching level includes the next: standard correction (that is all the services from the previous package), complete beauty retouching, complete slimming, complete eyes and hair retouching, complete body and skin retouching, braces removal. Our assiduous reliable and competent retouchers can also fix clothing malfunctions and perform complete background retouching and background manipulations – its extending and removal (solid color replacement. As for the photo editing prices, one should pay $12 per picture. 

Complete + Retouching Level

The above mentioned level of retouching can suit for the highly qualified professional photographers who need the most advanced level of image retouching. Within the given package we may offer complete correction (that is all the services from the previous package), magazine retouching, heads/body parts swapping, background replacement. If it is needed we may remove objects or people from the image, and of course we are sure to follow your personal style. Despite that fact that the level of services is the best one, we offer cheap retouching - $15 per image. 

Editors and retouchers of our post production firm are very communicative, attentive, tactful and knowledgeable. For sure we are all team players and are always ready to present you with pin up retouching at low prices. 

Why to outsource photo retouching?

One more important question is why photographers should hire retouchers. The answer is quite simple – professional editors are of great help here. They are best friends of shooters, since retouching specialists rescue them from sitting in front of a computer during hours or encountering difficulties with the use of special editing software, such as Photoshop or Lightroom. In their turn shooters can focus on their main work and pay special attention to taking pictures and making time-consuming photo sessions. Besides, it is also important to establish ties with the clients, especially if we are talking about nude or boudoir photo shoots. Clients need you to be in high spirits and support them, providing warm and relaxing atmosphere. In such a way they will be open to your remarks and pieces of advices – you will definitely achieve mutual understanding. You shouldn`t think about various retouching works, just outsource post processing and be busy with your favorite pastime!

Building business on taking pictures you should also keep in mind that photo retouching prices are also very important. Use our cheap retouching pricing to your own advantage and you will certainly make the most of the opportunities. You will be able even to earn more money as while retouchers do their work you will be engaged in different activities and having more opportunities to make photos. 

So, we are always ready to help you!