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Everything about USA nude photography industry

Nowadays many photographers enter the nude photography trade. USA photography industry contains everything from studio photographers to photo journalist, from wedding photo retouchers to boudoir image editors. And nude photographers became more popular in 2016.

Shot in studio by photographer Mario Testino, Cara Delevingne naked is a vision bejeweled arm braces, voluminous curly hair and not much else.

nude-photoAnd only those shooters who maintain steadily high quality, offer valuable products, charge photography and image editing pricing that sustain a living wage, stand out in marketing and have a good status, and work hard to support a family or make his/her clients be satisfied with results, will stay in business and elevate the profession. 

This image of Helena Bonham Carter will surely drop some jaws. Embracing a huge tuna while bare naked, the image is oddly sensual. Helena Bonham Carter is sensual towards the fish, which is what makes it odd.


The US Photography industry has experienced several changes as digital cameras and post-production technologies have increasingly influenced on operators. Do you know the state of high photography business and professional nude photo retouching services? Today we’re going to come across some important points as top cities for working as a photographer, best nude photographers and image retouching services in the USA, and new trends in nude photography? 

Best state for working photographers in the USA

Do you know what things and conditions make a city pleasant for a shooting job? What guidelines can help you to decide what state is better? Firstly, it will be good to know how much money you need to survive in this city. The next step is to take the average wage of shooters from each of the cities and compare them with the price of life in the town, besides, greater paying contracts mean a chance for luxury and good existing. And of course you should know how much photographers of your genre are in your region. This metric is often used to measure comparative request for professional photographers.


Jersey City, NJ is the best place for full time photographer job openings, and the working photographers’ categories. In this beautiful city there are still quite many jobs to be found in this direction. Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi, Saint Paul, MN provides outstanding views and outstanding sights, and many opportunities in photo industry. We should also mention New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA which nights are so bright and eyecandy, and the eclectic combination of streets and avenues each with their own character, it really shows that these cities appeared to be very popular for shooting.

chicago Probably, no city on the planet provides so many chances for wedding, sports, event or nude photography like US states. California and New York are turned out to be very open states for various genres photographers. The Capital of America provides not only politicians, but Washington, DC is also a grotesque city to live and work as a paparazzo.

Nude photography – how to evoke emotions

Nude photography is any photograph which contains an image of a nude or semi-nude person, or an image suggestive of nudity. Boudoir photography is the most discussed and disputable genre of photo art in the USA. Many modern photographers and digital artists in New York, South Carolina and Washington states still push the crowd aside with their art and sometimes even shock, but it is indeed a fine line between the two worlds.

nude-photoThis photo genre is legal; a lot of US photographers do it. Make sure the model is 18 or older (check your state which may have a different legal age), and get a model's release signed, even if you do not intend to publish or post them. And of course be respectful and professional. The other side to consider is displaying the images. If you want to do an exhibit, various local or state governments may have their own laws.

Keren Moscovitch is an artist who explores intimacy, structures of desire and the ways of spiritual intersect. She lives and works in New York City where she teaches at the School of Visual Arts. She is obsessed with people's secrets, especially the ones that take place in the bedroom.



Ryan McGinley is an American photographer living in New York City. His photographs of the past ten years, however, are more ambitious, more formally complex, and more expensive to produce—if just as suspiciously savvy. They’re the result of studio shoots like this one or, more often, of costly and complicated road trips across America.


Body Loud, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Japan, 2016


The way you should do nude photo editing

Glamour photo editing is a complex process of different operations. The first thing that comes to our mind when we deal with nude photo retouching is enlarging breasts in Photoshop. Don’t go too far with it, do it naturally!
naturalThe Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair cover shoot might be stunning as it features the Hunger Games actress in a luxury pool surrounded by exotic foliage, yet it is the accompanying story that has everyone talking.


A naked body is a key component of an this genre, but it can’t always look smooth and skinny. Before starting to create a smooth skin, it is necessary to get rid of minor defects, such as zits, reddening, wrinkles, etc. For this purpose use the following group of tools: Gaussian Blur, High Pass, and Soft Light. Here are the top worldwide Nude photographers who know how to shoot and to do natural editing in this genre. 



Nude photography trends

WARNING! This article consists of Adult content.

Nude images don't always have to mean something illicit. The naked body can also be artistic, humorous and powerful. The collection of images shows how versatile boudoir photography can be. It’s extremely interesting to see how each boudoir shooter and photo editor uses nude pictures to send across a message, to effect, to arouse emotions and to get their viewers to think in abstract ways. Here are the last screaming trends and crazy ideas in the USA nude photography industry.

One American artist, Jade Beall, in her project “Beautiful bodies of elders” used her images to change the negative dialogue around elderly bodies. Almost all pictures are black and white. She utilized beloved couples over the age of 60 in tasteful portraits to communicate the beauty and sensuality of aging bodies.



The Naked Handstander is the only name he is going by, which is appropriate considering that so far all of his naked handstand portraits have remained hilariously anonymous. Traveling around the world for the last five years, the Naked Handstander has managed to accumulate quite the collection of images that include stunning landscapes, iconic landmarks and more. He started his project in 2014, but still he has many followers whom he inspires.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway, New York

Photographer Russel James is poised to release a Victoria's Secret book, titled 'Angels,' featuring stunning black-and-white nude photographs of the brand's most iconic models. This list includes Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Karlie Kloss.


It's difficult to mention all-new trends and best nude photographers in USA. This nation is full of professional photographers and skillful editors, and it’s impossible to name them all in this article. But if you’re just an amateur photographer and don’t know how to find you unique style of shooting, we recommend using nude photo retouching services provides high-quality online photo retouching services from color correction to magazine retouching. Nuderetouching has the best price for retouching nude - from $5 per photo, deadline is during 24 hours. We work until you’re satisfied.

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