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Edit photo black and white inspiration 2017 - language of human body

Every picture has a story to be told. Nature or people, animals or sky, micro or macro world, everything has its own beauty. Today, let’s talk about human nature. Human can convey emotions with their look, posture, body. To be successful your photo should include the message. Nature photos often express full relaxation, Zen, a unification with the nature and also motivate for traveling. Portrait photos express different emotions. Body photos express feelings. Nude photography is a specific genre, because of its frankness, freedom, courage and power. You should be brave enough to make nude photos, because nowadays there are a lot of people, who will say that it’s a sin. For luck, today we are free to choose the things, which attract us a lot. A lot of photographers are obsessed with capturing beauty in photograph.  hey take into account every aspect of making photo, ranging from the light to exposure modes. The majority of photographers arrive at the conclusion that nude photographs are much more interesting when they include editing black and white photos. These photos demand black and white photo editing.


Need editing black and white photos. Who is the photographer?

First two pictures were taken by the famous photographer Ruth Bernhard. She made nude photos of the women beauty, she took pictures of their body. She issued a book of photos, which made a fuss “The eternal body”. It included a collection of fifty nudes. As she was lesbian a certain period of her life, it’s not a surprise that one of her most popular photos was “Two Forms” which has edit photo black and white. It has its own special story, it is about a real-life lesbian couple of two different races, they are giving a passionate hug. In spite of the fact that she has died 11 years ago, her photos are a standard for photographers till today. “The eternal body” will live forever. 


And what about modern nude edit photo black and white?

Nowadays we have more opportunities to make a masterpiece, because of good cameras, photo studios, different styles which were discovered by the photographers of previous epochs and to edit photo to black and white. However, appears another question. If there are so many good photographers, what should they do to make their works special? The true masterpiece should bring something new. Now shooters make a lot of experiments trying to realize their ideas. Let us introduce you the photographer from Russia, Aleksandr Jakovlev, who successfully added body powder to emphasize the grace of ballet girl. 


He professionally combined body powder, wind and woman’s body and knew how to edit photo to black and white. The photos became dynamic and contrastive even if they are not colorful. The shooter captured the movement in a photo, that is not very easy to do, because it demands a set of attempts. He seems had been waiting patiently to take a picture of jump. 

What should do photographers to take a good picture?

Photographers can go to any length to take of a successful picture. The effective photographer won't tell: "Ugh, I won't get on a tree! My shirt can tear!". If he understands that there will be a successful angle, he will be on a tree in several seconds. The professional photographer will hardly neglect good opportunity. To make a good shot the inveterate photographer can do everything: he isn't afraid of either wild animals, or dizzy heights, or a heat, nor cold …


Photographer understands, that you need good poses to start a nude photoshoot. The pose must work well, in various conditions, for example, the model can lie on a bed, on the earth, in a grass or on the sandy beach. Read more about posing in “Top list of poses for glamour Nude photo session

For this purpose, make a beautiful photograph of the girl in this pose, the photographer has to watch all parts of a body, he should pay attention on hands, legs and in the end to edit picture black and white.

Some photographers take nude photos using minimalism as a concept. These photos make emphasis on certain details, lines, objects. Generally, such photos include the photo of a certain part of the body. Beauty of such photos in an innuendo. They always contain some secret, something unspoken, which wants to be guessed considering a photo.


Edit picture black and white is enough? Has a model to be stark naked?

Not at all, because there is another kind of nude photos, they are called boudoir photos. Boudoir photosession is a romance. The main purpose of the boudoir pictures is to show the feeling of love, to focus on emotion of the women of photoshoot, to see her mood and understand her state of mind. 


Boudoir photoshoot is not just photos, it is a kind of therapy aimed at the adoption of yourself, your body, the joy of his lines. The photographer sees you clean, sincere eyes, conveys your true beauty, which is inherent only to you, because in everyday life, we forget about it and don't notice.  As a result, you don't just see yourself beautiful on a photo, you are left with weighty proof of your uniqueness is photos which you may watch at any time.

Boudoir photos will surely be wonderful gift for a man to the holiday, whether it's a birthday, wedding or just important day for both of you. An important role in such photos play negligees, chemises, aerial silk and here the photo editor can use photo editing black and white with some color. 


Boudoir style represents a return to the past, in the days of elegant lady and beautiful courtesans, love notes and secret romantic rendezvous ... Boudoir is a luxury thing, so there are unwritten rules for a photoshoot in this style, for example antique furniture and accessories, only noble materials-silk, velvet and fur. it flowers and a lot of details that create a romantic mood are used. That’s why many people associate such an art as luxury glamour thing, which need a glamour photo editing. You also can read an article about “Why glamour photo editing is so popular?”


What is the way of doing boudoir photoshoot ?


As a rule, it takes place in a rented photography studio that is chosen in advance under the image and mood of heroine. She discusses in detail the photos, which my future heroine likes, how she sees herself, the photographer asks her daily photos to make some new ideas. Shooting usually takes about 2 hours and preliminary preparation of hairstyles and makeup for about an hour. At the photoshoot, photographer creates a light and relaxed atmosphere, he talks about everything, and takes her pictures gradually seeing some movement or emotion, noticing a beautiful light on her body. If you are afraid to undress in front of the camera, you can take stoles, lingerie, translucent flying tissues and exhibit exactly as much as you feel the willingness within yourself. The task of photographer is to take a picture of her sensually and take into account special atmosphere!


Who can make the boudoir photoshoot?


Girls and women. Often they are married girls who want to please themselves and their spouse. They already understand the value of beautiful photos. Often filming is a boon to a memorable date, wedding anniversary, birthday, or just a surprise. The outcome of the meeting become photos in electronic form, which we can take the form of a slideshow, printing photos on canvas, photobooks. Any of these formats makes an impression, delights and inspires.


Can nude photoshoot have some attributes?

You should remember that products from latex, massive corsets, clothes with spangles and paillettes will look it is inappropriate in the Caribbean landscape. From accessories large jewelry, for example, collars necklaces in the Egyptian style, and also hats, masks, feathers, umbrellas, fans and flowers will approach. Your accessories must be appropriate. You can read more in “Recommended Photography Gear for Boudoir Photographers

It is necessary to become bared in the course of the photoshoot gradually. First, it will give you the chance to be liberated, and secondly, will allow traces to disappear from underwear from skin. But the main thing – the photo of a seminude body will give to the audience food for imagination. It is well known that the half-naked woman attracts and excites much stronger, than completely naked. That is why nude photoshoot can't be successful without any attribute.


Does background play a big role in nude photoshoot?

Definitely, yes. The photo of a naked body will look more interesting with a certain atmosphere. There are a lot of kinds of outdoor boudoir photography ideas – best outdoor destinations. You are free to choose the background you want – forest or beach, mountains or sea. For example, many photographers know that the human body perfectly will look harmonic with water. Therefore, there are plenty of nude photo under the water or when half of the body is under water. These photos with photo editing black and white with some color show a unification of a body with the nature, that looks very naturally, and definitely draws attention.  


Before recent time nobody even knew about existence of an underwater photoshoot in studio, but, having only appeared, water photographing in studio became very popular. Many guys and girls posted pictures on Instagram, where they are splashing in the water.

The sea photoshoot in studio demands thorough training. Therefore, having ordered photographing in studio with water, it is necessary to decide in what image you will act. Also, you shouldn't avoid retouching to make your photos attractive. Everybody knows how does photo looks without retouching, you may google photo retouch before and after and see how big the difference is. You also can read “Best nude photography websites” to find the best ones.


The perfect photos created by photo artists during the water photoshoot in studio are possible, because of existence of:

• full frame digital waterproof cameras with high-aperture lenses;

• professional lighting of a photoshoot in studio with water powerful guns.

Therefore, during the water photoshoot in studio, the photo master isn't afraid of water splashes that helps to make pictures original and unusual. And, that professional aqua-photoshoots are removed expensive technique which cost studio tens of thousands of dollars, so it is possible not to worry about quality of pictures.

The background can be absolutely various. For example, the silk bed is a fine background for a nude photo which will create a feeling of a coziness. When you see a nude photo with drawing room, or the dining room as a background, you will have feeling of the pleasant domestic atmosphere. Usually wives do such photoshoots to please their husbands. Beauty, a tender view of photos, a naked beautiful body of a wife will show that in the same house, a beloved woman looks like a goddess. 


What is wedding nude photoshoot?

Many brides do nude photoshoots for their grooms. The main sense of this trend is making the photo where there are practically no clothes on the bride, but, nevertheless, attributes of a wedding are present. For example: the naked bride in a veil; in the lower wedding undergarment and in white gloves. The bride has to be half-dressed. You can read about “Naked wedding – Best nude photo editing examples


Many people consider this trend as a wedding gift for the groom, which as well as possible expresses passion of the bride, i.e. hot photos before a wedding is a surprise for the groom who will receive them among other wedding photos. You should be brave enough for it. If your photographer is the professional, then it not only courageous photos, but also fantastically beautiful!

First of all, you should consider character of your future spouse. You should be sure for 150% that such giftwill be pleasant to him, and he will be delighted. 

As a rule, domestic photographers use this trend, photographing gatherings of the bride. Before the bride will dress the wedding dress, they take several sensual picture. Also other it is possible to have a special boudoir photoshoot in the run-up to the wedding. It, certainly, takes more time and demands big material inputs, but gives the chance to the professional photographer to reveal fully. And as a result you will receive better quality and more beautiful photos. Also in the second case, you can employ two photographers. Separately for a wedding and a boudoir photoshoot. 


You should choose the wedding photographer twice more carefully. Between a sensuality and a violated photos there is a very thin line. And it is very important that your photographer will do a true art in nude style, but not standard pictures from forbidden websites.

At the choice of the photographer for a boudoir photoshoot, especially pay attention to nude pictures from his portfolio. This is a special art therefore the photographer has to have an essential experience. Besides, read comments on this photographer, about his honesty and decency. An effective photographer always respect privacy. Wedding nude photos will remain with you, reminding of that beauty of your body that was in day of your wedding. 


I have forgotten about something.

 You shouldn't forget about the photo retouching, especially if it is about nude photos, because these photos have a lot of skin and body. There are some services that include body retouching of for example edit photo online black and white. Even the most ideal body needs processing, color correction even if it is black-and-white photos, in plasticity, in control of clearness and many other nuances. “The way you should do Nude retouching” will help you to understand some of them. Of course, body retouching is main photo editing of nude photography, but portrait retouching services shouldn’t be neglected too. If you don't neglect these nuances, the power of a Photoshop will pleasantly surprise you. It is not hard to find a good retouching service. You just need to find a retouching blog. There you’ll see examples of work.


When you’ll find the service you need, you can turn to online support or to find photo retouching rates by yourself. You can try to retouch photos by yourself, but nude photos have difficult editing. To avoid some mistakes, you can read “Five Mistakes in Skin Retouching Online”.

In the conclusion we want to tell you, that a lot of people think categorically about nude photos, but if you'll pay attention to the details your pictures become an art, and you become a part of it. There is a line between a seducing and vulgarity which can't be neglected. If you understand this, then try, risk, realize your dreams. Think about all details responsibly and create art of the modern photo! If you will reject your temptations and desires then your life become very boring, are we right? 


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