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Outdoor Boudoir Photography Ideas - Best Outdoor Destinations

It definitely may sound a bit bazar for some of us that a boudoir photo session takes place outside. The essence of a nude photo session, as it seems, is to snap gorgeous pictures of naked or at least semi-naked bodies in a studio where no strangers can get in the way or distract from creative process. Having read about Semi-Nude Victoria’s Secret Photos – How Much was Retouched, it’s quite obvious that there’s no necessity to get rid of all the clothes. The same thing with photo shoot locations. 

They come especially handy when you don’t have a studio at your disposal for whatever reason. Besides, they bring out some extra charm and help produce fetching nude photo images. Most popular boudoir photography ideas seen on Best nude photography websites, as well as heard from Best boudoir photographers from Europe involve outdoor boudoir photography ideas. It’s a clear sign that one shouldn’t shy away from open air locations but make the most of success of them. 

Outdoor boudoir photography ideas

There is a multitude of various outdoor boudoir photography ideas. Those that are the most appropriate for you are defined by the theme of your photo session, by your clients’ wishes and goals or simply by your mood or creativity. It may be Thanksgiving Pin Up photography Style or Christmas Nude Photographs, bohemian or glamour photo shoot, whatever your heart desires. It all depends. Nevertheless, there are some general outdoor boudoir photography ideas that can be handy every time you have a shortage of ideas.

First and foremost, the most zestful moment when it comes to outdoor boudoir photography ideas is the fact that natural light works fascinating for women’s skin and natural backdrops spice things up a lot! Thus, it’s sometimes quite a sufficient move to make a shot flooded with light as it looks especially majestically and magnificent.


One of the classic outdoor boudoir photography ideas is to use black and white photo editing that looks especially auspicious and advantageous against the background of nature.

In case you want to add a little bit of enigmatic, yet sensual vibes, you can take shots from the waist down. This adds some mystery to your client’s character. Don't forget to use body retouch to enhance the resulted shots. For any man a woman looks even hotter when there is still much to discover about her.   

What is more, one can make a client avert eyes from the foreground – well-known classic photography technique. Such a trick is a sure fire-way of drawing attention to a shot since it looks even more sincere and unconstrained. 

Have you ever tried to employ any props and accessories during photo shoots? In case not, it’s definitely high time you took your chance. They can either add some more colors and thus make photos more eye-catching or prevent your models from blending with the foreground or look too placid and uninteresting.  


And finally, it’s a marvelous idea to use nearby water bodies. When such photos are taken a little bit from above the object right when your model looks down or somewhere else rather than right into the camera lens, photo images turn out to be perceived as sincere and candid ones, without pompous and time-consuming posing.


Outdoor boudoir photography poses

As long as you use the Recommended Photography Gear for Boudoir Photographers there is nothing much to worry about except for one thing, of course, - outdoor boudoir photography poses. Thanks God, you have much to work here as well. They differ from one photo session to another, from client to client. Therefore, you can incorporate some outdoor boudoir photography poses as seen on the Top list of poses for glamour Nude photo session, or those beguiling ideas used by 10 extraordinary Nude photographers, as well as make up some brand new alluring poses and strike others with their intricate beauty.  

It looks adorable when women are shot from above their faces. Such angles and poses can give your photos either hot  vibes in case breasts are exposed, or innocent and sweet in case they are covered with a blanket or a sheer shawl. Either way it’s a win-win situation.   

Besides, your client may simply put her hand behind her head and stretch her body a bit for her figure to look even curvier, which is much more flattering, sure thing. It sounds easy and extremely basic. Nevertheless, such a pose always produces exquisite results. 

What is more, boudoir photo images turn out to be more gripping when sitting poses are used. Such photos obtain something new and don’t look trite and commonplace as opposed to standing-still-without-any-motion kinds of poses.


When your models sit their legs crossed it gives your shots some more intricacy as well. Not only that it’s not banal than just plain standing, but also helps you clients obtain a more delicate and tender kind of look, as well as more muliebrity to her general character.  

Whatever the case is, stretching, leaning and just acting playful is a definite must when it comes to outdoor boudoir photography poses. They help women’s bodies look even more feminine and alluring.  

Outdoor boudoir outfit ideas

Some may prefer to be shot in their birthday suits, some may be too timid and shy to stay utterly exposed in front of the camera. Therefore, it’s quite natural that some clients have a desire to avail themselves of some outfits for the purpose of feeling most comfortable, self-confident and plain gorgeous during their photo sessions.

A nice idea to incorporate into an outside boudoir photo shoot is the use of color. Even a tiny splash of some bright hue makes you models stand out more in photos. That may be just vivid lingerie or some other clothing items that can harmonize with a whole theme of a photo session. 

When it comes to outdoor boudoir outfit ideas, using some blankets or transparent shawls and scarfs instead of an outfit seems to be a sound and quite an intriguing idea. Such “outfits” can cover your clients’ bodies in case they are against being completely expose in photos, as well as add an enigmatic veil around your client’s characters.


Classic oversized white shirt or a flannel shirt looks bomb both in a studio boudoir photo shoot, as well quite appropriate for an outdoor naked photo session. Classics is eternal. 

What is more, it looks wonders when women incorporate sheer dresses in their boudoir photo shoots. It looks simple but hot at the same time.   

It’s a best-of-both-worlds situation when you come across the dilemma of  outdoor boudoir outfit ideas when women just glean a winning set of lingerie which can flatter their complexion, as well as help their bodies stand out even more in photos. 

Outdoor photography tips 

Since there’s always a heap of things to ameliorate and photography aspects concerning nude photo sessions to be improved, professional photographers are perpetually on guard for new tips and tricks from their colleagues. We should keep up with the time, find out about new photography gimmicks and make use of them for getting ahead, and be more efficient and prolific in a particular niche.  

For carrying out a pretty efficient and seminal outdoor boudoir photo session photographers shouldn’t just wait for their clients to be aware of hoe to pose correctly for getting fetching photos. It’s their bodies, but it’s not their niche to be keen on. Therefore, one should always have some posing ideas at hand, as well as have a set of the most winning and flattering poses for various body types. It may be also helpful to practice them on your own first and then to experience with clients in order to know how differently your bodies react to certain poses and which of them look better and more mesmerizing in pictures.   

Camera angle is crucial when boudoir photo session are conferenced. Depending on how you move around your clients, as well as up and down, their figures turn out to look differently in the end. Thus, you may distort their bodies a bit in photos or make them look much more fetching.   

One of the outdoor boudoir photography tips is to pay sufficient attention to the light as well. Natural light can create fascinating results if used correctly. One should always observe settings and be attentive towards how light is reflected in different spots and at various angles.

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